EFNOTE E-Drum Sets
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Incl. Live Sound Edition
Incl. Live Sound Edition
Incl. Live Sound Edition
EFNOTE 3X E-Drum Kit inkl. Live Sound Edition EFNOTE 3X E-Drum Kit incl. Live Sound Edition
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Incl. Live Sound Edition
Incl. Live Sound Edition
Incl. Live Sound Edition
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EFNOTE E-Drum Sets

Which EFNOTE Electronic Drums are available?

EFNOTE offers three series of electronic drums from the upscale entry level to the high end E-Drum: EFNOTE 3, EFNOTE 5 and EFNOTE 7. EFNOTE E-Drums are excellent instruments with timeless design and first-class puristic modules.

Which is the best EFNOTE Electronic Drum Set?

In one word: All of them! EFNOTE E-Drums simply look cool. Under the timeless look hides top technology. Every EFNOTE set is perfectly suited for stage and studio. You can also play the EFNOTE in your living room. And of course in the rehearsal room. The modules offer first-class acoustic kits with remarkable natural sounds.

Which EFNOTE Electronic Drums for beginners and as a practice drum kit?

An Electronic Drum Kit is great for practicing. The EFNOTE 3, with the smaller of the two modules, is the entry level of the manufacturer's E-Drums in terms of price. As a practice drum kit or second drum kit, EFNOTE E-Drums are almost too bad. But with the EFNOTE 3 and EFNOTE 5 Drum Kits you get a puristic E-Drum right from the start, which you will enjoy for a long time. For your daily practice routine, the modules of course provide you with a metronome, onboard recording and the possibility to stream songs and play-alongs via Bluetooth.

Which EFNOTE Electronic Drums for session and small clubs?

For small live gigs and sessions, the EFNOTE 5 is a good choice. As a cocktail set, it is by definition small and space-saving. Its drum pads, cymbal pads and two-piece hi-hat pads give you a premium playing feel. The module puts every one of your strokes to work, giving you a great selection of lively sounds.

Which EFNOTE E-Drums for home recording?

All EFNOTE E-Drums are suitable for home recording and studio. The modules of the EFNOTE 3, EFNOTE 5 and EFNOTE 7 kits with eight digital outputs are perfect for recording purposes. The sound of the 16 preset kits is outstandingly natural and very dynamic. Brilliant snares, vivid bass drums and toms with volume - it doesn't get much closer to an acoustic set. EFNOTE E-Drums provide a small but excellent selection of custom kits and samples. They can be integrated very well into your DAW.

Which EFNOTE Electronic Drums for the stage?

With an EFNOTE 5 or 7 you simply look good. The drum pads with the shell dimensions of real acoustic drums and the cymbal pads in cool gray form a visual unit. The puristic look of the kits is timelessly beautiful.

The sound of the kits is no less pure and breathtaking. The module gives you the sound of 16 acoustic drums, covering the whole range from jazz to hard rock. What is not perfect for you, you can edit and create your own user kits from a clear number of handpicked multi-layer stereo sounds.

If the cocktail set up or the 1up/2down configuration of the sets is not enough for you, you can expand your drum with toms and cymbals, the module still has space.

How does an EFNOTE Electronic Drum Set work?

E-Drums recognize your hit on the pads and electronically generate a matching sound from it. You hear the drum sounds of your choice. From your beats on the E-Drum Set, the module can create any sound you can imagine. With an Electronic Drum Set you have theoretically unlimited sound possibilities. Many Electronic Drums offer the possibility to load additional samples and sounds.

Are EFNOTE Electronic Drums loud?

Electronic Drums are suitable for quiet practice. They are also suitable for quiet gigs. With E-Drum sets, you can play drums in your home. The Electronic Drum Set produces only the striking sounds on the pads while playing. You can hear the drum sound from the module through headphones or a speaker. E-Drums are quiet.

Why EFNOTE Electronic Drums?

At drum-tec you can find very good Electronic Drums at the best price. EFNOTE offers electronic drums in very good quality on a high level. At drum-tec you can also find more pads and cymbals to extend your EFNOTE Electronic Drums. With us you can compare the best Electronic Drums. We offer you first class advice.