GEWA E-Drum Sets
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Incl. Live Sound Edition
Gewa G9 Club L5 Walnut Burst Gewa G9 Club L5 Walnut Burst incl. Live Sound Edition
€4,699.00 3999 €

Currently not available

Incl. Live Sound Edition
Gewa G9 Club L6 Walnut Burst inkl. Gewa G9 Club L6 Walnut Burst incl. Live Sound Edition
€4,999.00 4200 €

Currently not available


GEWA E-Drum Sets

Which GEWA electronic drums are available?

GEWA offers three lines of electronic drums from the upscale entry level to the high end E-Drum: GEWA G3, GEWA G5 and GEWA G9. GEWA E-Drums are excellent instruments with first-class pads and modules with a wide range of possibilities.

Which is the best GEWA electronic drum set?

GEWA offers a suitable E-Drum in every range. Are you a beginner or switching from acoustic drums to electronic drums? Then you are well advised with a GEWA G3. In the middle range, GEWA offers the G5 with real shells in acoustic look. The GEWA G9 is the high-end E-Drum with excellent cymbal pads, lacquered shells and one of the most versatile modules on the market.

Which GEWA electronic drum kit for beginners and as a practice drum kit?

An electronic drum set is perfect for practicing. The GEWA G3 is the entry level of the manufacturer's E-Drums in terms of price. As a practice drum kit or second drum kit, the G3 is highly recommended. Due to the sound engine of the G3 taken from the top module GEWA G9, you have a great sounding electronic drum kit right from the start.

Which electronic drum kit from GEWA for session and small clubs?

For small live gigs and sessions, the GEWA G5 is a good choice. With its acoustic look it looks good and fits with its compact dimensions even on small stages. The cymbal pads and shell set can be played naturally and authentically. Due to its mesh head pads and plastic cymbals, it delivers only quiet noise, which is an advantage during sessions and in small clubs.

Which electronic drums from GEWA for home recording?

All GEWA E-Drums are suitable for home recording and studio. From their more than 900 instrument sounds they generate 40 own drum kits and offer the possibility for 128 individual user kits. The USB midi interface gives you connectivity to your digital audio workstation or recording environment.

Which electronic drum kit by GEWA for the stage?

With a GEWA G9 you get the best look on stage. The lacquered shells of the drum pads with the shell dimensions of real acoustic drums and the cymbal pads in Paiste design are a perfect fusion of electronic diversity and acoustic look.

The module provides you with the sound of 40 acoustic drums and with its 901 instrument sounds you can build your very own drums in 128 user kits.

If the included set up of toms and cymbals is not enough for you, you can expand your drum with additional pads, the module still has space.

How does an electronic drum kit from GEWA work?

E-Drums recognize your hit on the pads and generate a suitable sound electronically. You hear the drum sounds of your choice. From your beats on the E-Drum set, the module can create any sound imaginable. With an electronic drum set you have theoretically unlimited sound possibilities. Many electronic drum sets offer the possibility to load additional samples and sounds.

Are GEWA electronic drums loud?

Electronic drums are suitable for quiet practicing. They are also suitable for quiet gigs. With E-Drum sets you can play drums in your home. The electronic drum set produces only the striking sounds on the pads while playing. You can hear the drum sound from the module through headphones or a speaker. Electronic drums are quiet.

Why electronic drums from GEWA?

At drum-tec you can find very good electronic drums at the best price. GEWA offers electronic drums in very good quality on a high level. At drum-tec you can also find more pads and cymbals to extend your GEWA E-Drum. With us you can compare the best electronic drums. We offer personal advice.