Gewa G9 Club L6 Walnut Burst incl. Live Sound Edition

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GEWA G9 Club L6 Walnut Finish - E-Drum Set with G9 sound module

  • Worldwide exclusive, at no extra charge and only here at drum-tec: Get your GEWA G9 now with 15 additional, unique drum kits in the Live Sound Edition! Check out the video for more info!
  • Excellent samples with natural sounds
  • Huge touchscreen
  • Multifunctional drum module with many DAW features
  • 6-piece shell set
  • Snare and toms: dual zone trigger with head and rim
  • Hi-Hat, Crash and Ride: Triple Zone Cymbals with Edge, Bow and Cup
  • Gibraltar hardware set incl. hi hat
  • Remo True Rebound Mesh Heads
  • Walnut finish
  • Made in Germany

The GEWA G9 Club L6 Walnut impresses on many levels

With its Dual Zone drum pads and Triple Zone cymbal pads, you can play the 40 drum kits of the G9 and unlimited user kits in a nuanced and varied way.

The advanced trigger technology transmits your performance sensitively to the module. Its touchscreen with intuitive interface offers the finest setting options.

The G9 workstation fits into any audio, DAW and recording environment via MIDI, USB or analog.

In live operation, eight direct outputs, XLR stereo out and the stereo monitor output offer all the possibilities of professional sound processing.

The acoustic look of the set with authentic shell dimensions in walnut finish and a sturdy chrome-plated Gibraltar hardware set make the E-Drum Kit a visual highlight.

GEWA G9 Club L6 Walnut – Features:

G9 Workstation:

  • 10" Direct Touch Interface with 1280 x 800 px TFT display
  • 40 drum kit presets + unlimited user presets
  • More than 400 instrument sounds
  • Multi-layer function for each instrument in the set
  • Presets for pads and cymbals of GEWA, drum-tec, Roland, Yamaha, ATV
  • Easy-Mode to start drumming right away
  • Separate headphone and master mix
  • WiFi + Bluetooth
  • Full parametric 3-band EQ for each pad
  • 12 reverb effects
  • 9 multi-effects
  • Fully parametric 4-band EQ for each output
  • Multi-chip architecture
  • 9 multi-effects
  • 128 GB internal memory
  • 4 GB flash memory
  • Realtime Wav recorder (44.1 kHz, 16 bit)
  • 3D sonic image
  • SPDIF (stereo) 48 kHz
  • 14 trigger inputs 6.3 mm jack
  • Mix Input 6.3 mm stereo jack
  • 8 Direct Outputs 6.3 mm jack
  • 2 Master Outputs balanced XLR
  • 2 Monitor Outputs 6.3 mm jack
  • 1 Headphone Output 6.3 mm stereo jack
  • MIDI in, out, through
  • USB-B High Speed Audio / MIDI
  • Footswitch Input 6.3 mm jack
  • SoundStore via GEWA Electronics Cloud
  • Compatible with most electronic drum pads on the market

Drum Pads:

  • Dual trigger with position detection
  • Authentic shell diameter of acoustic drums
  • 2-ply Remo True Rebound Mesh Heads
  • Lacquered real wood shells made of poplar and walnut wood with walnut look
  • High-quality chrome-plated fittings
  • 1-ply reso heads on each shell bottom side
  • 6,3 mm jack sockets
  • Tom pads with L-Rod mount (Tama style)
  • Kick drum with mounting plate - can be played with any kick pedal
  • Compliant with E-Drum modules of Roland, Pearl a.o.

Cymbal Pads:

  • Triple Zone Cymbals with Edge, Bow and Cup
  • 360° playable and chokeable
  • Original cymbal sizes
  • Reliable response
  • Authentic feel
  • Durable design
  • Compatible as dual and triple zone cymbals with E-Drum modules of many manufacturers


  • Sturdy Gibraltar Drum Stands
  • Adjustable for individual positioning of your drum parts
  • Stable and high-quality chrome-plated

Scope of delivery GEWA G9 Club L6 Walnut

  • 1 x GEWA G9 Workstation
  • 1 x USB-Stick with drum-tec Live Sound Edition
  • 1 x 18" x 14" bass drum pad
  • 1 x 14" x 5" snare drum pad
  • 1 x 10" x 5" tom pad
  • 2 x 12" x 5" tom pad
  • 1 x 14" x 5" tom pad
  • 1 x 14" hi-hat setup incl. top and controller
  • 1 x 18" ride cymbal pad
  • 2 x 14" crash cymbal pad
  • 1 x Gibraltar stand pack incl. hi-hat stand
  • 1 x Multicore cable
  • 1 x USB stick with manual and firmware
  • 1 x manual
  • 1 x power cable

Delivery without bass drum pedal.

GEWA G9 Workstation

The G9 combines E-Drum module, digital USB/PC interface with recording tool, patch unit, mixer, touch screen, MP3 player, PDF reader and multi-effects in one device!

This workstation integrates into any audio and recording environment and brings advanced signal processing. The interactive 10" touch screen makes it easy to use intuitively. Creating custom presets, adjusting your trigger settings, and even routing your drums to different channels is a snap.

Wide-ranging compatibility

The GEWA G9 module is compatible with most electronic drum pads on the market. No matter if pads made by GEWA, drum-tec, Roland, Yamaha or ATV. Just select the trigger presets already present in the module.

Pro-Audio Recording Tools

What interface can you use to record with the G9? The answer is YES! The G9 offers almost endless possibilities to record your drumming. You can use the two master outputs, eight direct out channels, or the USB interface to your PC or Mac. The G9 can also be used as a plug 'n' play interface with eight channels - including MIDI functionality!

3D Sonic Image

Tired of bad surround sounds for your e-drum? You want the ambient sound of an acoustic drum kit for your E-Drum? And this without having to fight your way through countless knobs? The G9 can offer you just that. For the workstation, not only the drum sounds, but also the ambient sounds of the drums were sampled in the renowned Funkhaus Studios in Berlin. You can easily add this natural ambient sound with a fader.

GEWA Electronics Cloud - Welcome to the wireless world!

For a long time now, we have become accustomed to living in a wireless environment. In everyday life, you download the latest apps and music online to smartphones, laptops or other Wi-Fi devices in seconds. The G9 takes this approach. With built-in connectivity, you can directly access the GEWA Electronics Cloud and download sounds to expand your G9 library.

Multi-Chain Architecture

To ensure that the extensive touch interface, trigger detection and high-resolution samples are loaded as quickly as possible for carefree playing, GEWA has developed a special multi-chip architecture. The advantage here is that each chip has its own task and is specialized to do it in the best possible way.

drum-tec Live Sound Edition

15 exclusive drum kits - the drum-tec Live Sound Edition for your GEWA G9

With the Live Sound Edition we bring you the best out of a sound module. The edition consists of complete and directly accessible kits and drum sounds. Perfectly tuned in our engineering studios, these vivid drum sounds are optimized for live performance. However, they also sound outstanding in recording sessions.

15 times maximum sound coming out of your module

From the individual sounds and samples of the module we tickle the maximum of sound, ambience and atmosphere. From this, we put together 15 complete ready-to-play kits that are instantly available for you to play.

Exclusive and at no extra charge - only at drum-tec

You can only get the Live Sound Edition at drum-tec and only in combination with the purchase of a new E-Drum module. It is unavailable anywhere else and also not available individually. And: You get your Live Sound Edition WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COST to your module. This is only offered at drum-tec.

GEWA Drum Pads

GEWA G9 Walnut E-Drum Pads are high quality processed instruments, Manufactured in Germany. The wooden shells made of 6-ply poplar and walnut wood have a lacquered finish in walnut look. They are equipped with carefully chrome-plated fittings.

Snare and Tom Pads

The snare pad and all tom pads are equipped with a dual trigger system with position detection. It consists of a head trigger in the center and a rim trigger that reacts evenly over the entire rim 360°. The positions of your strokes are precisely detected by the triggers and passed on to the module. The tom pads come with an L-Rod mount for attaching to a tom stand.

Kick Drum Pad

In the kick drum pad, a single trigger system detects your beats. It reliably transmits the dynamics of your playing to the e-drum module. A special mounting plate makes the drum pad playable with any foot machine on the market. Solid and height-adjustable feet provide a secure stand.

GEWA Cymbal Pads

With their authentic sizes, GEWA Cymbal Pads offer an authentic playing feel. Triple triggers work in all cymbals with a precise response to edge, bow and cup. The cymbals are 360° playable and chokeable. A durable construction and the cool design round out the features of these cymbal pads.

REMO True Rebound Mesh Heads

In cooperation with Remo USA, GEWA has developed special mesh heads that reproduce the rebound of your strokes as realistically as possible. The material for the two-layer mech heads is exclusively manufactured for GEWA by Remo.

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