5 year pro series warranty

You're interested in e-drums from our pro series, but you're not quite sure yet? We get it! The drum-tec pro series is not designed to be some random cheap instrument, but rather an investment in your emotional well-being! You get stunning e-drums that play phenomenally, dominate on stage, are but a whisper in the living room and will be your trusted companion for years to come.

In short: The pro series is our pride and joy! The feeling of sitting down behind a drum kit that completely supports your playing and makes you smile all the time is just spectacular.
We manufacture e-drums from the pro series by hand in Germany and vouch for its quality with our name.

We know that investing in a pro series drum kit is a huge step for many drummers. That's why we want to make certain that you're covered and grant you a hassle-free 5 year warranty on all new drum-tec pro series e-drums. No sign-up required, 100% free.

Do you have any questions? The realm of e-drums is at times a vast and confusing jungle and we'll be happy to guide you with experience from drummer to drummer!

5 year pro series warranty

drum-tec (M&M Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG) grants a 5 year manufacturer's warranty to customers who are consumers for all new products from the drum-tec pro series. This includes all new e-drum pads and sets from the drum-tec pro, pro 3pro custom & pro-s series.
This warranty comes free of charge and you don't even have to register your drums!

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Here's what's covered by this warranty:
  • Customers that are consumers are granted free repairs for deficiences that are proven to stem from faulty manufacturing or defective materials.
    If repairing the product is impossible you will get a faultless replacement product (which may be a succeeding model, if the original product has been discontinued).
  • This warranty applies globally to all new pro, pro custom and pro-s e-drums.
  • This warranty has a validity period of 5 years for the original drum-tec pro series customer.
  • The validity period starts with the date of invoice.
  • Replaced parts or products will become the property of drum-tec.

Improper or abusive use of the products voids this warranty. Damage due to a) environmental hazard (for example moisture, heat, overvoltage, dust, etc.), b) not adhering to safety instructions or product manuals, c) use of force (impact force, damage from falling, etc.) beyond the the intended purpose of the product, d) any modifications or attempted repairs by anyone other than drum-tec manufacturing staff, e) improper or unsafe packaging during transportation or shipping by people other than drum-tec staff, f) normal wear and tear, is not covered.
Also excluded are consumables such as mesh heads, rim silencers, cables and protection dots. This warranty does not apply to used products and cannot be transferred.

Here's how to claim the use of this warranty:
  • Please get in touch first. If you can we would ask you to email us so that we'll have all of your information readily available. Of course you can also call, send a fax or a letter.
  • We absolutely need to know your invoice number and which defects you were able to detect on what product.
  • We will immediately check whether or not it's a fault covered by this warranty and, if so, will ask you to send in your product to test and check it for faults.
  • You can of course also send in your products without getting in touch first. Though it may be that there is no actual defect present and that you will be able to resolve the issue yourself.
  • We'll then find out how to best remedy the situation to get you back to drumming in the shortest time possible.

Shipping the product to drum-tec:
Please send in the respective product and include a copy of your invoice, as well as note detailing the defects or referring to prior instructions from our service team to the address mentioned above. The customer bears shipping costs. Please make sure that all products are boxed up safely before shipping.

Please note:
This warranty does not restrict your lawful rights and does not overrule guarantuees provided by law.