Additional shipping information for UK residents

Dear UK resident,

much has changed and we're sorry that you're gone. But it is what it is and new trade deals also come with a learning period for all parties involved.

We have been shipping internationally (meaning destinations outside of the EU) for more than a decade and can process and ship your order blazingly fast with all of the proper documentation and customs paperwork. (See our general shipping information here.) But after that there are forces beyond our reach.

Delayed shipments

Currently many shipments (not just from drum-tec, but from all over the world) seem to be stuck in customs, awaiting clearance with no reliable information on processing times.

German VAT, UK duties and extra fees

From 01.01.2021 UK shipments no longer contain the German VAT of 19%. Please add the items to your shopping cart and login to see the actual VAT-removed prices in your cart (only if your country is set to Great Britian / UK).

The UK VAT of 20%* and possibly other additional fees will have to be paid to UPS upon delivery. Exceptions only apply to special VAT-free zones (e.g. the Channel Islands). Please refer to your local customs office for the newest information and actual pricing.

It is our understanding that all regulatory charges will be collected by UPS. They consist of 20% VAT* plus a small handling fee (UPS also charges 2.5% for their additional services, starting at a minimum of 11.50 GBP). As not all orders have the same customs requirements (for example different order values or product groups), we recommend that you consult your local UPS office for more information.

Trade Agreement

While the EU-UK TCA is mostly a free trade agreement (regarding UK/EU produced goods), you are still subjected to local taxes and fees. Free trade assures unrestricted exchange of goods. It does not however imply that deliveries are free of all charges and corresponding expenses.

UPS Delivery

UPS assures us that they are doing everything they can to make the transaction as seamless as possible for you, and UK customs offices are adjusting to the new demands. If you have any question prior to your purchase please ask our service team.

Thank you!
Your drum-tec team

*VAT numbers given by us may not accurately reflect the actual VAT as determined by UK customs and may be subjected to changes due to varying product types and corresponding regulations.