Alesis E-Drum Sets
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Alesis E-Drum Sets

Alesis is a well-known manufacturer of E-drums and compact electronic drum sets. The components of the electronic drums from Alesis are high-quality instruments in the beginner and mid-range segments of E-drums.

Which Alesis E-Drums are available?

The Alesis Crimson II SE and the Alesis Strike Pro Kit SE are the two current E-Drums in Alesis's range. They cover a wide range of applications for an electronic drum set.

Which is the best Alesis electronic drum set?

When choosing the right E-Drum, it depends on what you want to use it for. The requirements in the hobby sector are different from those of professional musicians. A small set makes sense in the rehearsal room. An E-Drum with compact dimensions also looks great on stage. The modules of the Alesis Strike and Alesis Crimson E-Drums offer high-quality drum sounds and samples. The sound processing is top-notch, and you have plenty of options for editing your drum kits.

Which electronic drum set from Alesis for beginners and as a practice drum set?

An electronic drum set is ideal for practicing. The Alesis Crimson II SE and the Alesis Strike Pro Kit SE are a good choice for a lot of fun with your first E-Drum. The modules are clear and easy to use. You can connect either headphones or active speakers. This way, you can practice quietly and also make music with friends. With an Alesis E-Drum, you can simply start drumming. And to get yourself ready for the studio or stage, there's a built-in metronome, a real-time recorder, and an input where you can play along with songs from, for example, your smartphone or music player. The compact sets with a handy drum rack also fit into a small space.

Which Alesis E-Drum for sessions and small clubs?

For small live gigs and sessions, both the Alesis Crimson II SE and the Alesis Strike Pro SE are suitable. The pads of both sets are flat and space-saving. The sounds are high-quality. The snare, tom, kick, and cymbal pads provide a good playing feel with realistic rebound.

Which Alesis drum set for home recording?

The modules of the Alesis Strike and Alesis Crimson are very suitable for home recording and the studio. They provide an extensive sound library, and with the Strike software editor, you can create your drum kits from custom samples. Alesis modules are also compatible with many pads from well-known manufacturers.

Which electronic drum set from Alesis for the stage?

With an Alesis Strike E-Drum Set, you have everything an electronic drum set needs for the stage. With a 20" bass drum, a 14" snare, and 4 tom pads, you get enough drums for your live performance. 4 cymbal pads and the hi-hat complete the set.

How does an Alesis E-Drum Set work?

E-Drums detect your hit on the pads and electronically produce a corresponding sound. You hear the drum sounds of your choice. From your beats on the electronic drum set, the module can produce any conceivable sound. With an electronic drum set, you theoretically have unlimited sound possibilities. Many electronic drums offer the option to load additional samples and sounds.

Are Alesis E-Drums loud?

Electronic drum sets are suitable for quiet practicing. They are also suitable for quiet gigs. With E-Drum Sets, you can play drums in your apartment. An electronic drum set only produces the striking noises on the pads when played. You hear the drum sound from the module over headphones or from a speaker. Electronic drums are quiet.

Why an electronic drum set from Alesis?

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