EFNOTE 3X E-Drum Kit incl. Live Sound Edition

EFNOTE 3X E-Drum Kit inkl. Live Sound Edition
EFNOTE 3X E-Drum Kit inkl. Live Sound Edition
EFNOTE 3X E-Drum Kit inkl. Live Sound Edition
EFNOTE 3X E-Drum Kit inkl. Live Sound Edition
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EFNOTE 3X E-Drum Kit: Beautiful sound, perfect playabilty, elegant look

  • Full-Scale Beautiful Sound: Despite its downsized looks, the EFNOTE 3 provides full-scale acoustic drum sound thanks to the Tru-Aco sound technology.
  • Perfect Playability: The ELISE sensing processor is newly developed for low latency, wide dynamic-range, consistent and stable sensing. Combining a pleasing physical touch with the best sensing performance, the EFNOTE 3 offers great playability.
  • Capture Your Delicate Touches: All drum/cymbal/hi-hat pads come with multi-sensor which provides consistent and stable sensing. Capturing drummer's intentions from every and each stroke.


  • E-Drum Module EFNOTE 3X with Touch Screen LC-Display
  • 16 factory kits + 34 user kits
  • 111 multilayer stereo samples
  • User Instrument Library with 50 memory locations
  • Metronome, Onboard Recording, Rhythm Box
  • Integrated USB Audio Interface (8 Out/2 In)
  • MIDI In/Out (USB and Bluetooth)
  • MIDI Out (5-pin DIN)
  • Hi-End digital converter
  • 2 free assignable analog outputs (6,35 mm)
  • Stereo headphone output (3.5 mm)
  • Integrated Bluetooth(TM) receiver

Content of the EFNOTE 3X

  • 1 x E-Drum sound module EFNOTE 3X
  • 1 x Mesh Head Kick Pad 12"
  • 1 x Triple Zone Mesh Head Snare Pad 12"
  • 2 x Dual Zone Mesh Head Tom Pad 10"
  • 2 x Dual Zone Mesh Head Tom Pad 12"
  • 1 x Triple Zone Hi-Hat Pad 14"
  • 2 x Triple Zone Crash Pad 16"
  • 1 x Triple Zone Ride Pad 18"
  • 3 x Lambda tripods incl. holders
  • 1 x Snare Stand

Without bass drum pedal and hi-hat stand.

EFNOTE 3X - The NexGen Standard

The 6-piece EFNOTE 3X sets new standards with its excellent sound, exceptional pads and its never before seen hardware design. The EFNOTE 5 is an absolute world premiere - experience a new dimension in the e-drum sector!

The outstanding lifelike sound is provided by complexly produced multilayer samples. Each of the 111 factory sounds consists of 127 individual samples, resulting in an exceptionally high dynamic range. The sounds are all editable and 50 user memories are available for your own creations.

The compact sound module has a sturdy metal case and is operated via touchscreen LC display. With its well-structured menu, even inexperienced users can quickly access all functions and settings. The sounds can be tuned (Tuning), damped (Muffling) and tone controlled (EQ). In addition, there is a virtual mixer that can be used to individually adjust the volume of the sounds and route them to any output.

The built-in metronome and rhythm box are great for practicing. You can also stream songs and play-alongs to the module via Bluetooth. The EFNOTE 3X module also has a built-in USB audio interface that can transfer 8 tracks digitally to the computer. Additionally you have 2 analog outputs. The is equally qualified for live and studio use as well as for teaching purposes.

The snare and tom pads, equipped with mesh heads, have three sensors under each playing surface. This multi-trigger technology ensures a uniquely high sensitivity and extremely precise response. In addition, the snare has a third playing surface. This allows a 100% accurate separation between cross stick and rim shot. Therefore, faulty triggering is absolutely impossible. The 12" kick pad is equipped with 2 triggers and therefore also perfectly designed for the use of a double pedal.

The cymbal pads, including the hi-hat, can be played 360° from all sides. Thus, a device that prevents the cymbals from twisting is no longer necessary. The crash and ride cymbals are triple zone pads, where the edge, the surface and the bell can be played. In addition, all cymbal pads have a choke function for manual stopping.

The innovative hi-hat pedal, which does not detect its position via a conventional sliding contact, but works with an optical sensor, ultimately ensures accurate and highly sensitive playing behavior. With a weight attached to the pedal, the hi-hat top cymbal is imitated and thus creates a realistic playing feel.

Configuration: 2 up - 2 down
Acoustic Design: no
Module: EFD-3
Finish: Black Oak
Farbe: Schwarz

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6 Jun 2023

Efnote 3x

Sehr dynamische pad,sehr saubere spuelbarkeit und durch die umfangreiche Ausstattung ein set der oberklasse

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