EFNOTE 7X E-Drum Kit incl. Live Sound Edition

EFNOTE 7X E-Drum Kit inkl. Live Sound Edition
EFNOTE 7X E-Drum Kit inkl. Live Sound Edition
EFNOTE 7X E-Drum Kit inkl. Live Sound Edition
EFNOTE 7X E-Drum Kit inkl. Live Sound Edition
EFNOTE 7X E-Drum Kit inkl. Live Sound Edition
EFNOTE 7X E-Drum Kit inkl. Live Sound Edition
EFNOTE 7X E-Drum Kit inkl. Live Sound Edition
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EFNOTE 7X E-Drum Kit: Beautiful sound, perfect playabilty, elegant look

  • Full-Scale Beautiful Sound: Despite its downsized looks, the EFNOTE 7X provides full-scale acoustic drum sound thanks to the Tru-Aco sound technology.
  • Real acoustic look: the realistic dimensions of the drums, including the 20" bass drum and a 14" snare drum, give this set a real classic acoustic look in a noble White Sparkle finish.
  • High-end in the drums: Precise technology is at work under the double-layer mesh heads in the 6-layer birch wood drums. The toms each have 3 and the snare even 4 triggers for finely tuned pulse detection.
  • Natural sound of the module: Realistic sound thanks to elaborately produced multi-layer samples. Each of the 101 factory sounds consists of a large number of individual samples, resulting in exceptionally high dynamics and natural sound characteristics. Together, this gives you the acoustic sound you expect from a true high-end set.
  • Authentic playing feel: The module of the EFNOTE 7X features Tru-Aco technology and an ELISE sensor processor. Both work in perfect harmony with the 360° and multi-sensor triggers in the cymbals and shells.
  • Universal use: 8-track digital output via USB, audio input via socket and Bluetooth, 4 analog outputs and a metronome - The EFNOTE 7X is equally suitable for live and studio use as well as for teaching purposes.


  • E-Drum Modul EFNOTE 7X with Touchscreen LC-Display
  • 241 Sounds (Multi Layer Samples)
  • 101 Instrument Presets
  • 128 User Instrument Presets
  • 20 Drum Kit Presets
  • 80 User Kit Presets
  • 2-Band EQ, Tuning, Muffling
  • Mixing: Level, Pan, Reverb Send
  • 2 Line Out (L/R), 6,3 mm Jack
  • 1 Headphone output, 3,5 mm Jack
  • USB Audio Interface 2 In / 8 Out
  • USB MIDI In/Out
  • Bluetooth(TM) MIDI In/Out
  • Bluetooth(TM) Audio In

Content of the EFNOTE 7X

  • 1x E-Drum sound module EFNOTE 7X
  • 1x Mesh Head Kick Drum 20" x 15"
  • 1x Triple Zone Mesh Head Snare Drum 14" x 5,5"
  • 1x Dual Zone Mesh Head Tom Tom 11" x 08"
  • 1x Dual Zone Mesh Head Floor Tom 13" x 13"
  • 1x Dual Zone Mesh Head Floor Tom 15" x 15"
  • 1x Dual Zone Hi-Hat Pad 14"
  • 1x Dual Zone Splash Pad 08"
  • 1x Triple Zone Crash Pad 16"
  • 1x Dual Zone Effect Crash Pad 17"
  • 1x Triple Zone Ride Cymbal Pad 20"
  • 3x cymbal boom stand
  • 2x snare stand

EFNOTE 7X - The Power of Full Scale

Once again EFNOTE sets new standards and introduces the 7X Set, featuring a new effect crash pad and cymbal stacker for electric drums.

All 241 sounds are made of a multitude of individual samples, the so-called multilayer samples, which are distributed over a total of 101 instrument presets and guarantee an exceptionally high dynamics as well as an unmistakably realistic sound behavior.

The compact sound module has a sturdy metal housing and is operated via a touch screen LC display. With its clearly structured menu, even inexperienced users can quickly access all functions and settings.

All sounds can be tuned, muffled and EQ'ed according to your own preferences and stored in the user memory. A total of 128 memory locations are available for this purpose. The sounds can be individually adjusted in volume via a virtual mixer and routed to the outputs as desired.

The integrated metronome and rhythm box are ideal for practicing. In addition, songs and play-alongs can be streamed to the module via an input jack and via Bluetooth. The EFNOTE 7X module is also equipped with a USB audio interface that can digitally transfer 8 tracks to the computer. In addition, up to four 4 analog outputs can be used. The EFNOTE 7X is equally suitable for live and studio use as well as for teaching purposes.

The bass drum, snare and toms are made of high-quality, 6-layer birch shells and covered with double-layer mesh heads. To ensure a uniquely high sensitivity and extremely precise response, all toms have a total of 3 trigger sensors and the snare has 4. In addition, the snare has a third playing surface. This allows a 100% accurate separation between cross stick and rim shot. A faulty triggering of the triggers is therefore absolutely impossible. The 20" bass drum is equipped with 2 triggers and thus ensures a consistent response at all times, regardless of whether a single or double foot machine is used.

All cymbal pads, including the hi-hat, can be played 360° from all sides and can be stopped via a choke sensor. A device that prevents the cymbals from twisting is therefore superfluous. The crash and ride cymbals are generally triple zone pads, where both the edge, the surface and the bell can be played.

The hi-hat has an exceptionally fine sampling rate and extremely precise playability due to the optical multi trigger sensors. As a result, even complex playing figures with high speeds are implemented without any problems.

Last but not least, the wide dynamic range as well as the consistent and stable sampling at an absolutely low latency is guaranteed by the newly developed ELISE sensor processor.

Acoustic Design: yes
Configuration: 1 up - 2 down
Finish: Black Oak
Module: EFD-7
Farbe: Schwarz

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Customer reviews
3 Oct 2023

Mir fällt nicht viel ein, was besser gehen würde!

...dennoch gebe ich "nur" 9 von 10 Punkten. Aber bevor jemand meckert - hear me out!
Das Set ist perfekt. Also fast. Es ist nahe dran. Insbesondere das 7X, welches das einzige der Efnote Sets ist (dank der schwarzen Farbe), das mich auch optisch anspricht. Die Becken sehen klasse aus. Bei allen. Und ich nehme an sie funktionieren auch gleich, denn warum auch nicht!?
Also warum nur 9 und nicht 10?
1.) HiHat: Insbesondere der "chick" (=getretene HiHat) löst nicht immer so aus, wie ich möchte. Ich hab schon herausgefunden, dass es zu großem Teil an meiner HiHat Einstellung liegt (Wenn HiHat Top höher justiert ist, löst es sauberer aus, aber so spiele ich nunmal nicht). Wir sprechen hier definitiv nicht von "löst unspielbar schlecht aus", aber ich finde bei nem Set um 6k Eur sollte das ein wenig besser gehen. Ob es die Konkurenz besser kann, weiß ich allerdings - mangels Erfahrung - leider auch nicht.
2.) Wraps der Kessel. Mich persönlich stört es wenig, aber es ist schon etwas, das ins Auge fällt: Der Stoß der Wraps ist bei den beiden Floor Toms genau so positioniert, dass man ihn als Bedienpersonal genau sehen kann. Ist das schlimm? Nein, nicht wirklich - insbesondere hat es nichts mit der Spielbarkeit des Sets zu tun - aber dennoch... wir sprechen hier doch über ein High-End Set, und ich denke mit einer einfachen Repositionierung der Stöße, hätte sich das besser lösen lassen können.
3.) Bass Drum Resonanz Fell: Alle Felle an dem Set außer des BD-Reso Fells sind Mesh-Felle. Warum dieses nicht? Ja, es ist das einzige, das man defacto "hört" - Man hört die anderen auch, aber dieses hört man anders - präsenter. Unlösbares Problem? Nein, auch nicht. Aber auch hier wieder mein Punkt. Wir sprechen von nem High-End Set und da hätte ich mir erhofft, dass sich der Hersteller um diese keinen Schönheitsfehler kümmert.
Deshalb "nur" 9 von 10. Würde ein anderes Set für mich in Frage kommen? Nein, definitiv nicht. Insbesondere die Becken mit ihrem eher mehr als weniger natürlichen Schwingverhalten, die gute Optik, sowie das hervorragende Spielgefühl würden mich allerdings immer wieder mit gutem Gewissen zuschlagen lassen.

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