EFNOTE mini E-Drum Kit

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EFNOTE mini E-Drum Kit: Small Set - Big Sound

  • Full-fledged drum set with premium natural sounds
  • Perfect playability due to low latency and wide dynamic range
  • Elegant vintage look with modern design elements
  • A real eye-catcher, yet very space-saving


With a footprint of only 115 x 70 cm, this electronic drum kit offers everything you need. The small but exquisite set delights both young and old and is ideal for practicing in small spaces. Whether in the kids' room, living room, or rehearsal space – the days of space constraints are over with this compact e-drum.

The set features a module with multilayer samples of the usual premium quality from the Japanese manufacturer. The sounds can be individually adjusted with equalizer, muffling, tuning, and eight ambience effects. In addition, the module offers an integrated audio and MIDI interface, as well as a metronome, allowing for recordings with a sequencer, on a computer, or the control of other drum tools. To play along, you can transfer your favorite tracks to the module via Bluetooth.

With the 14" bass drum, a 10" snare with three playing zones (head, rim, side stick), the 12" hi-hat, a 16" triple zone ride, as well as the 8" splash, 8" rack tom, and 10" floor tom equipped with two zones each, the set is the most compact of its kind. If desired, the set can be expanded with either an additional cymbal pad or tom pad.


  • E-drum module with touchscreen LC display
  • 12 factory kits + 8 user kits
  • 82 preset instruments + 153 preset sounds
  • Level, pan, tuning, muffling, 2-band equalizer, and 8 ambience effects
  • Triple zone snare drum, hi-hat, and ride
  • Dual zone tom pads, splash, and crash
  • Up to 8 pads connectable
  • Stereo out 6.3 mm + USB-C audio 8 out / 2 in
  • USB-C + Bluetooth MIDI interface in / out

Delivery Contents of the EFNOTE mini

  • 1x EFNOTE mini module
  • 1x Mesh head kick drum 14" x 10"
  • 1x Triple zone snare drum 10" x 4.5"
  • 1x Dual zone tom tom 08" x 6.5"
  • 1x Dual zone tom tom 10" x 10"
  • 1x Triple zone hi-hat pad 12"
  • 1x Dual zone splash / crash pad 08"
  • 1x Triple zone ride cymbal pad 16"
  • 1x Snare drum stand
  • 1x Cymbal stand
  • 1x Tom holder
  • 1x Cymbal holder
  • 1x Module holder
  • All cables and power supply

Delivered without hi-hat stand and pedal.

Acoustic Design: yes
Configuration: 1 up - 1 down
Finish: White Sparkle

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