drum-tec pro 3 with Roland TD-50X - 2 up 2 down

drum-tec pro 3 mit Roland TD-50X - 2 up 2 down
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drum-tec pro 3 Series E-Drumset with Roland TD-50X Sound Module - "2 up 2 down" configuration

  • Exclusive and only at drum-tec: Secure your Roland TD-50X now with 15 additional, unique drum kits in the Live Sound Edition! Check the video for information!
  • drum-tec pro 3 Shells - 6-ply birch shells in 7 noble finishes with high-end trigger system
  • Snare and Tom Pads with multisensor trigger technology without hotspot in the center
  • Bass Drum with real feel trigger/dampening system
  • High-quality components and first-class craftsmanship - Made in Germany
  • Roland TD-50X Sound Module - maximum compatibility and outstanding sounds
  • Roland Digital Pads - PD-140DS Digital Snare, CY-18DR Digital Ride, and VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat
  • 5-year warranty on drum-tec pro 3 Pads

The drum-tec pro 3 Series offers you a groundbreaking, hotspot-free trigger system for Snare and Tom Pads, capturing hits extremely precisely both in the center and on the rim. The Bass Drum delivers a first-class playing feel with authentic rebound and is equally suitable for single and double pedals. The high-quality birch wood shells, available in 4 high-gloss lacquers and 3 Delmar foils, give the drum set an appealing appearance - a true acoustic look!

The set is complemented by our sturdy, 2-fold extendable boom cymbal stands and a module stand. The Roland TD-50X Sound Module offers over 900 instrument sounds with 70 preset kits and 30 user kits. Snare Drum, Hi-Hat, and Ride Cymbal deliver their signals completely digitally to the sound module. The result is an unprecedented expressiveness and a high-resolution reproduction of your playing technique. The whole thing is complemented by two 2-zone Crash Cymbals (Bow, Edge).


  • 6-ply birch wood shells
  • Tom Pads with hotspot-free trigger system
  • Bass Drum with real feel trigger/dampening system
  • Available in 4 high-gloss lacquers: piano black, piano white, blue burst & brown sunburst
  • Available in 4 Delmar foils: white pearl, black slate & red oyster
  • Full-Size shell dimensions in Acoustic Design
  • 3-ply drum-tec real feel Mesh Heads on the Toms
  • 2-ply drum-tec design Mesh Head on the Bass Drum
  • High-quality components and first-class craftsmanship
  • Stable, 2-fold extendable boom cymbal stands
  • Roland TD-50X with Prismatic Sound Modeling and PureAcoustic Ambience Technology
  • Roland Digital Pads - PD-140DS Digital Snare, CY-18DR Digital Ride, and VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat
  • Roland 2-Zone Crash (Bow, Edge) with 40% thinner profile

Scope of delivery of the drum-tec pro 3 with Roland TD-50X - 2 up 2 down

  • 1x Roland TD-50X sound module
  • 1x SD card with drum-tec Live Sound Edition
  • 1x drum-tec pro 3 22" x 16" Bass Drum
  • 1x drum-tec pro 3 10" x 7,5" Tom Tom
  • 1x drum-tec pro 3 12" x 08" Tom Tom
  • 1x drum-tec pro 3 14" x 13" Floor Tom
  • 1x drum-tec pro 3 16" x 15" Floor Tom
  • 1x Roland PD-140DS Digital Snare
  • 1x Roland VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat
  • 1x Roland CY-18DR Digital Ride
  • 1x Roland CY-14C-T crash cymbal
  • 1x Roland CY-16R-T crash cymbal
  • 1x drum-tec TFL-400 module stand
  • 1x drum-tec MPC-2 module holding plate
  • 2x drum-tec PS-800H platform stand
  • 2x drum-tec CH-800S cymbal boom arm
  • 1x drum-tec CBS-800S boom cymbal stand
  • 1x drum-tec 13-way multicore trigger cable (12 x stereo, 1 x mono)
  • 1x drum-tec Protection Dot (pre-mounted)

Delivery without pedal, snare stand, drum throne and hi-hat stand.

pro 3 Shell Set - real acoustic look, groundbreaking technology, noble finish and best playability.

Tom Pads with multi-trigger technology

The drum-tec pro 3 series tom pads feature a new system composed of three head triggers and one rim trigger. The head triggers are mounted around a specially dimensioned damping cushion in the center of the shell. A key advantage: the arrangement and configuration of the three triggers completely eliminates the occurrence of a hotspot. Your drumming gets a wider range and you have more flexibility on the playing surface.

The triggers give you precise sensing regardless of the drumhead tension. You can tighten your mesh heads individually and with the best rebound for you, the sensitivity of the triggers, and thus the velocity, remains at an optimum.

A system of struts and a rim trigger installed in the center below the cushion perfectly ensure the detection of the rim parts of your performance on the tom pads.

Bass drum pad for solid punch

The pro 3's bass drum features a newly arranged and precisely aligned single trigger system. This fine-tuning means that the beats from both the right and left beaters are always detected equally with the same sensitivity while playing with a double pedal.

Classy Acoustic Look

The pioneering technology of the drum-tec pro 3 series is housed in high-quality 6-ply birch wood shells, which are available in 4 high-gloss finishes & 3 Delmar foils. Solid chrome-plated hardware completes the premium look. Each drum-tec pro 3 pad is handcrafted in our manufactory in Northern Germany.

5 years warranty on pro 3 pads

Every single pro 3 E-Drum pad has been subjected to a strict quality control.
Only perfect pads are leaving our manufactury!

drum-tec real feel & design Mesh Heads

The shells of the pro 3 series are coated with white drum-tec real feel mesh heads on the drumhead side. They provide a unique rebound, very low inherent noise and a long service life. A drum-tec design head is used on the bass drum, which achieves the best trigger result with the built-in single trigger system.

Roland V-Drums TD-50X E-Drum Module - Outstanding Sounds and total Possibilities

The Roland TD-50X gives you 70 premium acoustic drum kits at your fingertips. Designed in collaboration with top drummers and recording engineers, these inspiring kits cover every style. If that's not enough, 900 high-quality instrument sounds are available for creating up to 30 more custom user kits.

In all of them, you can edit countless parameters down to the last detail - just like an acoustic kit. Change tuning and damping on the fly or dive deep into sound shaping: choose between different virtual shell sizes, head types, cymbal characteristics and other parameters. Using PureAcoustic Ambience, you can add a virtual room sound to your custom User Kit, including room size, reverb, and stereo width.

Maximum compatibility

To process your drum sounds outside the module, the TD-50X offers a wide range of possibilities for every situation. For example, the TD-50X has ten freely assignable balanced outputs that you can use to send any signal, individual instruments or the complete kit as a stereo sum, with or without effects, to the engineer at FOH. For recording, the TD-50X provides you with 32 digital audio channels, MIDI and USB.

The TD-50X is the biggest of the drum modules playable with Roland's Digital Pads. Combined with the digital snare, digital hi-hat, digital ride cymbal and, of course, drum-tec Pro 3 pads, it reproduces your performance with absolute fidelity and delivers the finest, most expressive and powerful drum sounds.

If you ever run out of pads in the drum-tec Pro 3 configuration you've selected here, you don't have to worry about that with the TD-50X either: It is designed for a total of 14 trigger inputs! That's enough for additional drum-tec eBans, FX cymbals, china cymbals, additional tom pads or a second bass drum.

Extensive practice functions

The functions of the module offer you several features that can help you to improve your drumming. The Warm Up mode gives you a daily practice routine that will take your skills to a new level. The Coach mode with Time Check and Quiet Count will make your timing more precise and lasting.

You can stream your favorite songs from YouTube or Spotify from a laptop or smartphone to the TD-50X, allowing you to drum to your heroes on your headphones. Audio files as loops or sequences can be imported via the SD card slot and assigned to any of the pads.

15 exclusive drum kits - the drum-tec Live Sound Edition for your Roland TD-50

With the Live Sound Edition we bring you the best out of a sound module. The edition consists of complete and directly accessible kits and drum sounds. Perfectly tuned in our engineering studios, these vivid drum sounds are optimized for live performance. However, they also sound outstanding in recording sessions.

15 times maximum sound coming out of your module

From the individual sounds and samples of the module we tickle the maximum of sound, ambience and atmosphere. From this, we put together 15 complete ready-to-play kits that are instantly available for you to play.

Exclusive and at no extra charge - only at drum-tec

You can only get the Live Sound Edition at drum-tec and only in combination with the purchase of a new E-Drum module. It is unavailable anywhere else and also not available individually. And: You get your Live Sound Edition WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COST to your module. This is only offered at drum-tec.

Roland V-Drums Digital Pads

With its Digital Pads, E-Drum pioneer Roland continues to drive the evolution of E-Drums. The pads deliver their signals completely digital to compatible sound modules like the Roland TD-27 and TD-50X. The result is an unprecedented expressiveness and a high-resolution reproduction of your playing technique.

Roland V-Drums PD-140DS 14" Digital Snare Pad with High Resolution Positional Sensing

With the Roland PD-140DS, you can play nuances that haven't been possible before. The digital snare recognizes exactly what you play, where you play it and with which dynamics you play it. This results in digital information that triggers high-resolution compilations of samples with the finest layer nuances in your module. Subtle dynamic subtleties are accurately realized. Swirls, rimshots, cross-stick and even your ghost notes - everything is accurately detected and digitally passed on. E-drumming can't get any closer to nature's sound.

High-end trigger technology for perfect impulse transmission

To make this possible, a perfectly tuned set of sensors works inside the Digital Snare. The head sensor, 3 position sensors, a rim sensor, 3 cross-stick sensors and a sampling processor create a high-resolution overall information of your performance and pass it on to the module via USB.

Look & feel of a real acoustic steel shell snare

Technically, the PD-140DS is a high-quality E-Drum pad. Visually, the PD-140DS is a real 14" snare with a polished steel shell and chrome-plated tensioning brackets. It is almost indistinguishable from an acoustic snare. The simple classy design signals an understatement, which the instrument exceeds many times over with its performance and the possibilities it offers. Haptically, you get a snare with 3-layer mesh head. It provides you with the ideal rebound for you individually and is finely adjustable in tension with 8 tuning screws.

Roland Digital Cymbal Pads

The Roland V-Drums digital hi-hat VH-14D and the Roland V-Drums digital ride cymbal CY-18DR represent the high-end class of realistic cymbal pads on the market. Your entire playing is passed on to your module in a realistic, latency-free and high-resolution manner. This allows you precise and expressive drumming with very delicate reproduction of your style.

Roland V-Drums VH-14D 14“ Digital Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad

Both the touch sensitivity and sound variety as well as the playback of the open/closed states are transmitted in unprecedented resolution. The two-piece hi-hat with two thin 14" pads offers you a familiar look and a natural feel. The high-resolution multi-sensor system detects your velocity, stick position and footwork with maximum precision. In addition to authentically reproduced foot splashes, you can mute the cymbals by hand just like on an acoustic drum kit.

Roland V-Drums CY-18DR 18“ Digital Ride Cymbal Pad

Its size and weight offer you an absolutely authentic vibration behavior and the natural feel of a large ride cymbal. The cymbal processes your strokes via three zones. Its edge, bow and cup area delivers clearly differentiated signals to the module at every point. You can play the cymbal 360° over the entire surface and choke it with your hand. Your playing is transmitted as accurately as possible, allowing you to hear every nuance. The CY-18DR's soft rubber rim gives your stick impact a smooth, comfortable rebound and reduces impact noise to a minimum. This e-cymbal gives you precise and expressive drumming with very delicate reproduction of your style.

Roland V-Drums CY-14C-T and CY-16R-T – realistic playfeel and natural vibration behavior

The new, thinner dual-zone crash cymbal pads with Edge and Bow offer you a dynamic and high-resolution 2-zone triggering. The chokeable pads provide clear signals to the module. The size and weight of the cymbals create a very authentic swinging behavior and a realistic playing feel. The 40% thinner profile and the soft surface give your strokes a pleasant rebound and a natural touch feeling and reduce the impact noise to a minimum.

drum-tec gear - sturdy and durable hardware

The drum-tec hardware set offers a secure stand and allows you to align the set exactly the way it is best for your individual requirements. All parts are high-quality chrome-plated and designed for long-term use.

Acoustic Design: yes
Configuration: 2 up - 2 down
Module: TD-50X
Series: pro

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