drum-tec FT-902C Chain-Drive FastTrack Series

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drum-tec FastTrack Double Pedal FT-902C Chain Drive

  • High-quality mid-range pedal with a retro look
  • Shortboard and Longboard options - convertible in seconds
  • Efficient conversion of power and speed
  • Elegant aluminum design and high-quality craftsmanship
  • Universally adjustable for precise foot techniques and rapid pedal response

With the drum-tec FastTrack double bass drum pedal, you get both a shortboard and a longboard pedal in one. Using the tool attached to the baseplate, you can quickly convert your FastTrack from a shortboard kick pedal to a longboard kick pedal. The round felt beater complements the retro look of the foot pedal. The beater angle and spring tension, as well as the weight on the mallet, are continuously adjustable. The lower part of the footplate is partially milled, providing you with better grip. The upper part of the footplate is smooth, which is optimal for slide techniques. With the capabilities of this bass drum pedal, you can refine your foot techniques and optimize your playing: heel-toe, slide, or ankle techniques, whether you're into metal, jazz, rock, fusion, or blast-metal - this pedal leaves nothing to be desired!


  • Kick pedal as a shortboard and longboard playable
  • round felt beater
Drive: Double chain
Force transmission: Eccentric
Freely adjustable pedal angle: yes
Height adjustable beater: Yes
Beater angle freely adjustable: Yes
Incl. Floor Plate: Yes

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