drum-tec diabolo Shell Set (cranberry) Special Edition

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drum-tec diabolo 5 piece Shell Set (cranberry sparkle) SE

  • Authentic playing feel thanks to dynamic triggering and high-quality mesh heads
  • Exclusive acoustic design: The lacquered birch wood shells create the perfect symbiosis of nature and technology
  • Stage-ready: The diabolo pads not only look great in the living room! With their fantastic design and high-quality craftsmanship, they are suitable for professional use.
  • Made in Germany! We manufacture with loving craftsmanship - you can get to know our instrument builders.

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled playing experience with dynamic triggering and high-quality mesh heads. The lacquered birch wood shells in Cranberry Finish* give this set an exclusive acoustic design that embodies the perfect fusion of nature and technology. Experience the reliability of the professional trigger system, the creative versatility of the pads, and the authentic playing feel with quiet rebound. The drum-tec diabolo set is compatible with a variety of sound modules and offers seamless integration. Get this set now and experience a playing feel that is unmatched!

*Please note that the Cranberry Sparkle Finish may slightly differ from the Red Sparkle Finish


  • Playing feel and appearance of an acoustic drum kit, compactness of an e-drum
  • drum-tec design mesh heads for authentic rebound
  • Dual-zone tom and snare pads (head and rim)
  • Bass drum with real feel trigger system
  • Precise trigger system tuning for the birch wood shells
  • Made in Germany, handcrafted drum pads from our factory in northern Germany
  • Robust construction for long durability

Package Contents:

  • 2x drum-tec diabolo 10" x 5" tom pad (cranberry) SE
  • 2x drum-tec diabolo 12" x 5" tom/snare pad (cranberry) SE
  • 1x drum-tec diabolo 18" x 12" bass drum pad (cranberry) SE
  • 1x drum-tec Protection Dot (pre-mounted)
  • without cables

E-Drums, Made in Germany: The creation of a high-quality diabolo pad!

The diabolo pads are not mass-produced. Our E-Drums are handcrafted in our workshop in Hessisch Oldendorf.
(After completion, your pad will be signed by our instrument builder on the inside.)

Special care is required for natural products: Since the birch wood shells expand and contract, the trigger system of your pad is perfectly tailored to your specific shell by our instrument builder. This meticulous process ensures that your diabolo pad can withstand all challenges reliably for many years.

Since 2006, we have been building high-end E-Drums and have gained the knowledge of which materials are particularly durable and how a professional trigger system should be configured. With the diabolo Series, misfires, double triggers, and dropouts are a thing of the past!

Your dynamics are faithfully reflected by the trigger system. Even virtuosic patterns are not a problem. Your strokes are accurately transmitted!

A real eye-catcher: Elegant acoustic design with the full functionality of an E-Pad

With the drum-tec diabolo Series, you can expect the best of both worlds: The playing feel and appearance of an acoustic drum set combined with the compactness of an E-Drum thanks to real wood shells in medium sizes.

Real feel in a small space: The compact diabolo Bass Drum is compatible with many drum racks!

Elevate your E-Drum set to a new level: In the diabolo Bass Drum, we have incorporated the unmatched Real Feel Bass Drum System from the drum-tec pro series. As a result, the diabolo Bass Drum not only feels truly authentic, but it is also significantly quieter than other electronic bass drums, making it perfect for home practice.

With its 18" diameter, the diabolo Bass Drum fits under the majority of typical (e) drum racks. Even with a ground clearance of 49cm, the bass drum can be comfortably integrated without the middle crossbar of your rack coming into contact with the bass drum.

If you are unsure whether the Bass Drum will fit in your E-Drum set, you will find all the dimensions below, even in the assembled state.

Creative, Flexible, and Future-proof!

The diabolo pads feature two trigger zones - the playing surface and the rim - which you can use according to your own preferences. You are free to unleash your creativity! Whether you prefer a classic combination of head and rim sound or if you'd like to assign the rim to a cowbell or a clap to enrich your playing, the choice is yours.

The fantastic playing feel will captivate you!

Two-ply Mesh Head: Quiet playing with authentic rebound and excellent triggering properties

Our diabolo Series is equipped with two-ply design Mesh Heads - our best-selling mesh heads since 2006! The drum-tec design Mesh Head offers you authentic rebound, perfect triggering, exceptional durability, and low noise levels!

Can I connect the diabolo Series to my sound module?

The diabolo Series is compatible with most popular sound modules. Here is a detailed overview of compatible modules:

  • All Roland modules from TD-3, TD-17, TD-27 to TD-50/X
  • Pearl Mimic Pro
  • Roland TMC-6, TM-2
  • All Roland Octapads and Multipads from the SPD series, such as SPD-S/SX and SPD-30
  • ATV aD5, xD3
  • All EFNOTE modules
  • 2Box module drumIt5, drumIt5 MKII, and drumIt3
  • All ddrum modules (ddrum 2, 3, 4 + AT)
  • Yamaha DTXM12 Multipad - only 1 zone (no rim detection)
  • Yamaha modules - only 1 zone (no rim detection)

Dimensions (without packaging):

10" x 5" Tom Tom2,5 kg28 cm15 cm
12" x 5" Tom/Snare Drum2,9 kg32 cm16 cm
18" x 12" Bass Drum9,1 kg49 cm40 cm
Acoustic Design: Yes
Finish: Cranberry
Series: diabolo

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