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Super Deals

What are drum-tec Super Deals?

Under Super Deals, you will find everything for E-Drums and acoustic drum kits at drum-tec, which we can offer to you at daily updated and possibly only for a short time at absolute special prices.

What types of E-Drums, acoustic drum kits, and accessories can you find in the drum-tec Super Deals?

In short: Everything! Both complete E-Drum sets and acoustic drum kits, as well as individual pads, shells, cymbals, E-Drum modules... individual hardware parts, drum tools, and of course, drum-tec Sound Editions and merchandise.

How much money can I save with drum-tec Super Deals?

With Super Deal prices for electronic and acoustic drums, pads, cymbals, modules, hardware, accessories, and software, we offer you discounts of up to 70% - Attention! - ON NEW PRODUCTS!

Are Super Deal E-Drums, pads, and modules compatible with new equipment and my current electronic drum kit?

In most cases, Super Deals ARE current equipment. And of course, our sales and service staff are also available to answer any questions about Super Deal items.

What disadvantages do electronic and acoustic drum kits, hardware, and software from the drum-tec Super Deals offer?

None. You get the same warranty and guarantee as for our items with regular market prices. Our consultation is also available to assist you.

How good are Super Deal E-Drums or what is the quality of electronic and acoustic drum kits from the drum-tec Super Deals section?

All acoustic drum kits, E-Drums, and accessories offered at drum-tec are technically and visually flawless new instruments and parts. Whether it's a Roland V-Drums kit, Tama acoustic drum kits, or individual pads, drums, cymbals, and hardware: Items offered in the drum-tec Super Deal do not differ in functionality and reliability from other items in the regular shop.

What warranty does drum-tec provide for Super Deal items?

For drums and accessories in the Super Deal section, the warranty conditions for new products apply.

How long is the warranty period for drums and parts in the Super Deal section at drum-tec?

At drum-tec, we offer you a 3-year warranty on all items in the Super Deal. And then there is also the special five-year warranty for the shells and pads of the drum-tec pro series. This also applies to drum-tec pro items in the Super Deal.

Where does drum-tec deliver E-Drums, drum hardware, and modules from the Super Deal?

drum-tec ships all products worldwide.

What should I do in case of problems with drum-tec Super Deal acoustic drum kits and E-Drums?

For us at drum-tec, your purchase doesn't end with delivery. We are always happy to assist you with any issues related to our products or the electronic drum kit you purchased from us, even years after the purchase.

Does the drum-tec Super Deal merchandise fit with my equipment?

If you have questions about compatibility, we are happy to assist you even before the purchase. Feel free to contact our service team with your inquiry at any time. We are knowledgeable about drum kits and will gladly answer your questions, ensuring that you get what you are looking for.

Can I return E-Drums and acoustic drum kits from the Super Deal?

The legally regulated 30-day consumer return policy also applies without restrictions to Super Deal products.