Undertones UT-BD Bass Drum Kit

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Undertones UT-BD Bass Drum Kit

Undertone's Bass Drum kit is a soundproofing solution for the problematic hardware components and instruments of the drum set. The Undertones pedal mats and pads isolate the cymbal stands, platform stands or even microphone stands from the floor and prevent direct crosstalk into the ground due to the specially used rubber material. With this concept you can go very effectively and selectively to the problem areas, such as bass drum pedal and kettle, snare stands, hi-hat stands, stand-toms and all other hardware stands. Especially worth mentioning is that these Undertones products provide a stable hold for the stands, kick drum and therefore the drummer has no problems with wobbling stands, pedals or bass drum shells.

Also suitable for acoustic drums: Cympad Undertones improve the sound of bass drums and stomp toms, while Undertones boards and pads provide an additional layer of protection against unwanted footfall of the bass drum and hi-hat pedals. The pads isolate the cymbals from the floor - giving their sound considerable sustain and depth. In addition, the Undertones bottom layer is made of a non-slip material that anchors the drum shells and acoustic and electronic bass drum and hi-hat pedals to a variety of surfaces.

  • Undertones by Cympad
  • Set: UT-BD Bass drum kit
  • 2 x Bass Drum Pad ( Spitze )
  • 1 x Pedal Board

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