Tama HP900RN Rolling Glide Iron Cobra Single Pedal

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Tama HP900PN Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Single Pedal

  • With Rolling Glide system for smooth motion
  • For fast and precise footwork
  • Smooth running mechanics, precisely adjustable to your performance
  • With Hardcase

The Rolling Glide Cobra HP900RN is the right Cobra for you if you want maximum easy-running propulsion, like a smooth pedaling feel and prefer a linear motion.

The Cobras of the 900 series are easy to play, fast and first-class processed pedals for drummers with highest demands on performance and stability. The extra-wide columns offer plenty of space for your movement. They ensure a precise running of the ball-bearing shafts even with extremely hard and fast stroke sequences.

Thanks to loss-free power transmission through very smooth-running ball bearings and driven by the double chain, the Power Strike Cobra Beater hits your mesh head, drum head or kick pad with precise and rich punch. The angle of impact of the flat felt beater is precisely adjustable.

All 900 Cobras are equipped with the Cobra Coil System. These adjustable springs under the kick plates provide the quick return of the plate in the basic position, which allows you more speed with less effort.


  • Power Strike Beater
  • Hardcase
Drive: Double chain
Force transmission: Linear
Freely adjustable pedal angle: yes
Height adjustable beater: Yes
Beater angle freely adjustable: Yes
Incl. Floor Plate: Yes
Incl. Case: Yes

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