drum-tec PWorkout Beater Punchy

drum-tec PWorkout Beater Punchy
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PWorkout Beater Punchy

This Bass Drum Beater is specially designed for use on large mesh head bass drums and practice pads such as the PWorkout Bass Drum Pad. Due to its somewhat harder structure, this beater can also be used for acoustic purposes, creating a very powerful sound with some low-end punch. The Beater is deliberately designed a bit heavier to optimize the training of the feet and leg muscles. The two different playing surfaces of the PWorkout Bass Drum Beater not only make a clearly audible difference in the acoustic sense, but the rebound result is also very authentic and can be individually determined by the drummer.

  • PWorkout Beater for mesh heads & practice pads
  • 2- Way Beater
  • Beater weight: Heavy
  • perfect balanced

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