drum-tec Silencing Inlay for ATV aD-H14

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drum-tec Silencing Inlay: Push your ATV Hi-Hat to the next level

  • Special foam: We've developed the perfect inlay for sound absorption and durability!
  • Soundproofing: Significantly reduce the noise levels of your hi-hat!
  • Unhindered playing: The playability of your 14" hi-hat is not at all affected by the inlay
  • Easy to install: Only a few simple steps and your aD-H14 is ready to play (no special tools required)

The drum-tec Silencing Inlay allows you to drastically reduce the volume of your ATV aD-H14 hi-hat without losing any of the playability! Our specially designed foam is a breeze to install, thanks to six self-adhesive corners. All you have to do is to place the silencer on the lower plate of your hi-hat and have it stick in place - no tools required! There will be no damage to your cymbal, even if you decide to remove the inlay again.

Reduce the volume of your hi-hat and become the best (quietest) friend of your neighbors!

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