Nux DM-7X E-Drum Set

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NUX DM-7X - Mesh Head E-Drum

  • The Original Remo Mesh Heads give you the feel of real heads
  • The 08" and 10" dual pads give you plenty of room for your performance
  • The cymbals with large diameter and soft surface reproduce even complex and fast figures precisely
  • The sound module comes with 30 top drum sets and offers you space for 18 individual custom kits

With the NUX DM-7X you get a full-value mesh head e-drum kit with a remarkable feature set in its price range. The double layer mesh heads on the pads offer you an absolutely realistic performance feel; you can tune them individually and get exactly the rebound you need. The components of the set are generously dimensioned, of high quality workmanship and designed for easy operation and very good playability. In terms of construction and design, the NUX DM-7X is very reminiscent of the legendary Roland TD-25 series.


  • Dual pads with sensitive triggers and double layer Remo Mesh Heads
  • Differentiated working 12" and 14" cymbals with large and soft surface
  • Compact and intuitive sound module with graphical display, useful practice functions and effects
  • Robust and solid rack with round design - easy to assemble and easy to transport
  • Hi-Hat pedal and foot machine included

Content of the NUX DM-7X

  • 1 x DM-7X Drum Modul
  • 1 x 10" Snare Pad
  • 3 x 8" Tom Pad
  • 1 x 12" Hi-Hat Pad
  • 2 x 12" Crash Cymbal Pads
  • 1 x 14" Ride Cymbal Pad
  • 1 x Hi-Hat Controller
  • 1 x Kickdrum
  • 1 x Kick Pedal
  • 1 x Rack
  • 1 x Cabels
  • 1 x Power supply

Solid pads with excellent responsiveness

The 10" snare pad and the three 8" tom pads are equipped with a dual trigger system. A head trigger and a rim trigger work in each of the pads. They realistically reproduce what you drum and also cover largest range in dynamics of your playing lifelike.

For the kick drum, NUX uses a rubber pad instead of a mesh head. It offers a soft and pleasant feel and is so real that - as with an acoustic bass drum - you think the mallet is dipping into the head. At the same time, the inherent volume is only minimal and unusually quiet for a kick pad in this price category. The properly working foot machine with felt and plastic beater is matched to the kick pad and included in the set.

High End Mesh Heads made by REMO

The high-quality two-layer original Remo Mesh Heads are a real novelty in this range. These high-end drum heads have previously been produced exclusivly for Roland V-Drum Pads, which are some classes higher in price. The heads of the NUX DM-7X are even comparable to our drum-tec design Mesh Heads. They provide you with a maximum authentic playing feel.

High quality, properly working cymbals

The large 12" hi-hat can be precisely controlled via the foot controller. The soft rubber coating, as with the two 12" crash and the 14" ride cymbal, produces only very quiet impact noise. The feel on these surfaces is exceptional. The triggers in the cymbals respond cleanly and finely tuned, even with complex and fast figures. The drum module also has a trigger input for another optional cymbal.

Compact drum module with useful features

The excellent sound, a graphical color display and the intuitive menu navigation of the module are convincing right away. The sound library provides 30 well-sampled drum sets for every style of music. In addition, 18 individual drum kits can be edited. For creativity, overdrive, compressor, reverb and tune are available as directly controllable effects.

Carefully sampled sounds by experienced provider in sound modeling

The Asian manufacturer NUX is a renowned actor in the field of sound modeling. You can hear the great experience and the care with which the samples for the NUX drum kits are produced. This was the determining factor for us at drum-tec to include these NUX kits in our range of products.

Perfect as a practice set, for recording and also as your daily drum set

The quiet attack noise of the mesh heads and cymbals, as well as the compact proportions of the entire set make this e-drum the perfect recording and practice drum set. It can be connected via USB and Midi into your recording gear. Due to it's size, it is also ideal for a session with friends or for a small gig with little space. The robust workmanship and the high-quality playing and sound characteristics also recommend the DM-7X as an all-round drum kit for all other uses.

Extensive Practice Functions

The NUX DM-7X is also very suitable for beginners. It offers a number of custom demo songs that you can practice to. A metronome helps you to perfect your timing. The module has a recording function. You can record yourself and then listen to which of your grooves, fills and rolls you can get better at. You can mix your favorite music, e.g. from your smartphone, into the drum sound via the aux input or Bluetooth and drum to your favorite tracks.

Compact mobile e-drum

The DM-7X comes with a sturdy rack in curved shape, on which nothing wobbles or rattles. Disassembled, the robust set fits in any trunk. With the quick-release fasteners, it is quick and easy to assemble.

Finish: Black
Configuration: 2 up - 1 down
Acoustic Design: no
Module: DM-7X
Farbe: Schwarz

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