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Vic Firth SIH2 Electronic Drum Stereo Isolation Headphones

Practice, Performance, and Tracking Headphones with 25dB of Noise Reduction. The Vic Firth SIH2 Stereo Isolation Headphones offer the full-range feedback and hearing protection you need to perform at the top of your game, night after night.

The main features of the VFSiH2:

  • Isolation headphones with 25dB of passive noise deduction
  • Protects your ears during practice or performance
  • Designed for drummers. Suited for all musicians.
  • Equipped for the stage and studio
  • Stylish gray carbon fiber finish
  • 50mm drivers yield bigger bass, fuller mids, and cleaner, more present highs
  • Redesigned headband offers even greater comfort
  • Snug fit -- stays on your head as you perform
  • Integrated cable with 1/8" stereo plug and 1/4" adapter

Practice, Performance, and Tracking Headphones with 25dB of Noise Reduction

Vic Firth SIH2 Stereo Isolation Headphones offer the full-range feedback and hearing protection you need to perform at the top of your game, night after night. These stylish drummer-centric cans are new and improved for v2, with upgraded 50mm drivers and a more comfortable headband for a richer, more immersive listening experience. 25dB of passive noise reduction protects your ears against harmful sound levels. And an integrated cable with an 1/8" stereo plug and an included 1/4" adapter keep the SIH2s performance ready wherever you take them.

The comparisment between SiH1 vs. Vic Firth SiH2:

  • Even better passive noise reduction (25dB)
  • Bigger bass and more lifelike sound, courtesy of upgraded 50mm drivers
  • Longer-lasting comfort, thanks to a redesigned headband
  • Stylish gray carbon fiber finish

This E-Drum Headphone reduces the sound levels by 25dB

Tinnitus and hearing loss are among the biggest dangers facing working drummers. A drum kit in a small room can exceed 120dB -- beyond the range of OSHA-approved noise exposure for any amount of time. Vic Firth SIH2s reduce sound levels by 25dB. For that same drum kit, this takes exposure levels from dangerous to a safe, sustainable 4 hours a day. For a stage drum kit, you're looking at upwards of 8 hours a day.
Full-range 50mm drivers.

Last-gen Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones were great for monitoring. Vic Firth SIH2s exhibit a musical, full-range response that's even more enjoyable to listen to. Upgraded 50mm drivers give the SIH2s deeper bass, punchier mids, and cleaner, more present highs.

More comfortable headband: Also new for v2 is a more comfortable headband to keep you in the moment. This feature really pays off for those all-day tracking sessions and long sets onstage.

New & Improved! - Stereo Isolation Headphones (SIH2)

  • We have gone back to the drawing board to make one of our most popular hearing protection products, the Stereo Isolation Headphones even better.
  • The new Stereo Isolation Headphones Version 2 (SiH2) features a redesigned larger driver in the ear cups that deliver a more powerful low end, cleaner mids and clear highs for a superior sound.
  • Overall noise levels are reduced by 25 decibels, so that music can be listened to and played along with at safe volume levels. And the improved padded headband creates a more comfortable fit, making them enjoyable to wear for extended periods of time.
  • With the upgraded sound quality of these headphones, they are great for practicing, performing, or just listening to music in a loud environment.
  • Vic Firth has a long history in educating drummers about the potential long-term negative effects that high sound levels can have on musicians' hearing. Prolonged exposure to the excessive levels of noise from instruments can cause hearing fatigue, tinnitus and permanent hearing loss. To aid in protecting one of our most valuable assets, Vic Firth Company has developed a collection of products that will reduce the exposure to the extreme decibel levels, including the isolation headphones, and high fidelity earplugs.
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Customer reviews
20 Feb 2021

The best headphones for drummers!

Much more comfortable than the first generation.
Great isolation - you hardly hear your mesh pads and rubber cymbals.
Great sound quality - again much improved over previous model.
Not just suitable for drummers ... other musicians, tracking, ...
And very affordable.

The best headphones for drummers!

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