Rock Classics Sound Edition Roland TD-17 [Download]

Rock Classics Sound Edition Roland TD-17
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drum-tec Rock Classics Sound Edition for the Roland TD-17 sound module

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20 new custom kits with samples: Burn hard with these down-to-earth rock kits!

  • True Legends: We modeled the Rock Classics sounds in the spirit of world-class drum kits!
  • Authentic and dynamic: Everyone can do loud and max FX - The Rock Classics sounds are made with love for honest rock music and sound solid and saturated thanks to layered in samples.
  • Lives up to its promise: Check out all sounds (unedited!) beforehand by watching the demo video! (Tipp: Use the same headphones you use when playing e-drums for the full experience)

Rock Classics TD-17 All Kits Demo:

The drum-tec Sound Editions for Roland modules contain first-class sets which can be loaded additionally to the pre-loaded drumkits. It took quite a lot of time and effort and with great attention to detail we worked relentlessly to really get every bit of sound refinement out of the Roland modules.

Our customers regularly ask us regarding sound manipulation and what their options are to really get the most out of their Roland module. We took this by heart and started aggregating our most loved kits and sounds and started compiling them to Sound Editions. From our experience of being drummers ourselves and incorporating the feedback from our customers we created our own sets for all the important Roland modules. While some sets are just for fun at home others are optimized for the stage.

When installing the drum-tec Sound Edition for your Roland module you do not change or delete the pre-set kits provided by Roland. We rather use the option the create and save user kits to completely exploit the possibilities in sound design and design the best drumsets possible. We get a lot of positive feedback on our Sound Editions which is just incredibly fulfilling.

Included are a list of the available kits as well as instructions on how to load the Sound Edition into your Roland module!

How to load the Sound Edition:


  1. Ludwig Pin
  2. Super Classic
  3. Remo Big
  4. PremierRw
  5. Gretsch Thin
  6. PearlXport
  7. Ayotte Clear
  8. HiLite Excl.
  9. Yamaha 9000
  10. Force 3K
  11. Tama Star
  12. SnrSignature
  13. Yamaha SC
  14. Troyan Oak
  15. Mapex XL
  16. Rimmel Rock
  17. Tama Super
  18. Supreme Cstm
  19. PearlMasters
  20. Rogers Class


Module: TD-17

Reviews 17
Customer reviews
6 Aug 2022

Good but....

Great sounding samples but, the toms (in more than a half of the kits) sounds like a machine toms, not too realistic. A few kits are perfect.

24 May 2022

Sound incredible!

Awesome realistic drum sounds. My drum recordings now sound professional. Perfection!

26 May 2021

2 Euro per drumkit!

I can hardly believe I got 20 amazing drumkits for just 42 Euro. The kits are very high quality and are much better than the original Roland kits. Installing them was a piece of cake.

Thanx Drum-tec!

2 May 2021

Rock Classics = Super Sounds

I am very pleased with the Rock Classic Sounds.... they are much better than the original Roland Sounds and I enjoy the TD-17 now even more....

23 Mar 2021

TD17 rock classics amazing

I bought rock classics for my 10 years old son. I can not tell enough how much he liked it. Perfectly refined kits on that bundle motivated him to play more and more. He is not swiching back to factory kits.

10 Jan 2021

Very good, increases the fun of playing the kit

I love these sounds!

Before ordering, I was a little apprehensive. I just started drumming in September and didn't know how this would impact me. Ordered early November and haven't look back since! Well, hardly. I now use these kits >95% of the time over the original sounds, especially while playing along with music (Pearl kit with Nightwish, Gretch with ZZ top, yamaha with G'nR, Tama most of the time).

If you care about emulating the sounds of your favourite (hard-rock) music, this will improve your joy in playing the TD-17. Maybe a pro wouldn't need that, but for me increased fun = increased playing time = more improvement in playing drums.


12 Dec 2020

Jeden Cent wert

Die Kits sind so gut, dass ihr mit Roland zusammen arbeiten solltet, um zu zeigen, wie man es besser macht. Ich liebe mein TD17 und rein technisch gibt es in der Preisklasse nichts vergleichbares, aber nun sind endlich auch die samples absolute spitzenklasse. Das war bestimmt nicht die letzte drumtec sound edition, die ich mir kaufe!

19 Jul 2020









Thank you drum-tec!!

29 Jun 2020

Fantastic Sound Edition

I can really recommend this Download. The Sounds are absolutely amazing and the kits provide many options for customization or copy/pasting. Some might argue that for 40 bucks it lacks variety but if you are looking to greatly improve the Rock-Kits on your TD-17 it doesn't get better than this!

8 Jun 2020

Amazing Pack worth the download

Love the sounds in this, much better than the built in kits as these are actual kits!

would love to see some Pop kits, like Travis Barker, The killers, foo fighters, bloc party, nirvana, rhcp

22 Apr 2020

Blown Away

I just downloaded last night and am truthfully blown away!! Just dabbled with each kit, and can't wait to fully try today. You guys are incredible. The realism and attention to detail is too notch. Thank you drum-tec!!!

13 Apr 2020

Rock Classic...

Made a commitment to explore the technical wall (for me personally) with factory kits before purchasing this upgrade.

Ordered it a few hours ago. If you are a skilled digital drum tuning machine abort now...

Can we modify and layer ourn own...yes however, the work has been done and honestly if you break down...think about the hours it takes the average Joe to figure out how to start and experiment. Consider cost of each individual piece sampled.

Ok so I found the biggest factory weakness (IMO...KVX) was the HH followed by symbols, toms.

Experienced ears crafted sounds that take the TD-17 to a new level.

The answer you are searching for...YES...BUY IT! The kit took a new life. I did a factory reset deleting everything I modified and slid these in starting at 51.
The layering and depth are ready to enjoy.

Thank You Drum-Tec

28 Mar 2020

Rock Classics - Super!

Special thanks for Ayotte Clear! I paid for a reason.

28 Mar 2020


I just bought this today. I love it. I installed it without hearing it/hitting anything until they were all installed. I put them starting at user kit 80, to 99. I started at 99 (drumtec 20) and went backwards. Unreal. The cowbell on TOM2 of the Rogers Class immediately made me smile. Excellent. I hope the others Sound Editions sound like this. I won't have any factory kits, I might only have these. What a huge upgrade....just trying to decide which Sound Edition I should buy next. Great work drum-tec!!!

22 Mar 2020

Rock Classics - Super!

Мне понравились звуки, и я их купил.

22 Mar 2020


I don't know how you do it!? These kits are SO much better than the factory kits! You're downloads are hands down the best on the market! No one is even close!!

14 Mar 2020

Fav drum tec sounds yet!

Love love love !!!

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