Roland MDS-Compact drum rack

Roland MDS-COMPACT Racksystem
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Roland MDS-Compact Rack System

This is the most space-efficient drum stand from Roland. In addition to its stylish and compact footprint, the MDS-Compact features a metal center-horizontal joint bar for improved stability and strength during frequent set-ups and tear-downs. The lower weight-balance and black finish provide stability and visual cleanliness.


  • Even more stable and more easy to fold
  • Pad Mountings are already mounted
  • Can be used with a traditional hi-hat stand
  • Compatible with three-cymbal set-up
  • Perfectly suitable for smaller set-up areas
  • Tube diameter: 38,1 mm

Rack dimensions:

  • Center stands: 76cm
  • Center link: 23cm
  • Outer stands: 60cm
  • Left and right rack arm: 60cm
  • Width (Depending on the angles of the arms): ca. 110cm

Extend of Delivery:

  • 1x MDS-Compact drum rack
  • 3x pad holder (L-Rod) incl. rack clamp
  • 1x pad holder with ball joint
  • 2x cymbal arm (long) incl. rack clamp
  • 1x cymbal arm (short) incl. rack clamp
  • 2x rack clamp
  • 4x cable clip
  • 2x cable tie
  • 1x drum key

Size and Weight:

  • Width: 1200 mm
  • Depth: 700 mm
  • Height: 1200 mm
  • Weight: 8,9 kg
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Customer reviews
1 Mar 2023

MDS-4 Rack System

9 May 2020

Super Halterung

Ich habe mein ursprüngliches TD-1 aufgerüstet mit mesh Pads.jedoch ist das TD-1 Rack weitaus nicht so stabil wie dieses.Außerdem hat das Rack von Drumtec den korrekten Rohrdurchmesser,sodass die Elemente einwandfrei mit den Klammern montiert werden können.Außedem möchte ich mich auch auf diesem Wege mal beim Team bedanken ,für die einwandfreie und geduldige telefonisch Hilfe und Beratung.Wirklich herausragend,denn das ist im Handel leider nicht mehr so üblich wie hier.Man ist sehr gut aufgehoben als Kunde.Vergebe mehr als 10 ⭐️

3 Dec 2019

very good rack Sturdy and convinient as usual with Roland stuff ..... Please dont believe what DrumG said in his post

Sturdy and convinient as usual with Roland stuff ..... Please dont believe what DrumG said in his post ... The guy just didnt understands that the third mount is a ride cymbal mount , and not a Hihat mount ..... This is a td17KVX rack ... those kits have 3 cymbals and the VH10 hihat is on a regular hihat stand ....

So funny how people can get upset and angry for nothing ...

10 Sep 2019

Replaces the good looking 4V-kvx rach on the TD-17 line. Ugly as sin - cheap and unadjustable cymbals and high hate arms

Replaces the good looking 4V-kvx rack on the TD-17 line. Ugly as sin - cheap - on the TD-17 KVS you can`t install the high hat hardware that comes with the C-5 cymbal - the stopper is fixed so completely unadjustable cymbal and high hat arms.. Makes the high hat on this rack with the TD-17-KVS even more garbagey - high hat is unadjustable and basically made almost completely useable - high hat is locked and does not respond OR move. The great TD-17 reviews are based on the old rack - I should have gone with a vendor that still had the original rack in stock - would have been worth it. Roland has shamefully cheaped out on this rack now thay have got all the good feedback on the TD-17 line. - they just want my money on an almost immediate rack upgrade - shame shame.

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