Roland TD-30 Drum Sound Module

Roland TD-30 V-Drums Soundmodul
Roland TD-30 V-Drums Soundmodul
Roland TD-30 V-Drums Soundmodul

Discontinued product:

This product has been discontinued by its manufacturer and is out of production. Here's what we recommend as Roland TD-30 Drum Sound Module alternative:

Roland TD-50X V-Drums sound module incl. Live Sound Edition 2.499,00 €

Roland TD-30 - The top-class V-Drums sound module

Including the drum-tec Live Sound Edition for the Roland TD-30 sound module. More than 30 additional drum-kits, specifically designed and programmed for live performances. Exclusively at drum-tec!

The drum-tec comparison Roland TD-30 module vs. Roland TD-25:

  • the perfect module for drummers with professional ambitions or just for sound-lovers who don t like to make any compromises!
  • perfectly tuned for recording & live- performances
  • the flagship Roland TD-30 provides the most authentic sounds in Roland history and additionally incredible editing possibilities
  • the drummer gets a huge assortment of professional "SuperNATURAL" sounds with unprecedented attention to detail
  • the indispensable TD-30 "fader section" for quick volume correction even in live-use situations
  • in live-use, 8 single-outputs!! provide enormous advantages for the overall mix (the tone-engineer receives the instruments as single-signals for separate signal-processing)
  • effects can be adjusted individually per Pad (e.g. for a small reverb effects on the snare drum combined with a grand reverb on the kick and on the rim of the floor tom, and so on...)
  • x-hat feature: which means to set a permanently closed hi-hat on a certain pad
  • in-ear system- the monitoring mix can be routed into the mix-in input.
  • metronome & click for the live or studio drummer - can be routed optionally just into your own headphones

High-End has a name: Roland TD-30 drum sound module. With SuperNATURAL sounds and Behaviour Modeling. It provides a superior sound quality with natural response and dynamic in all playing technics. Rim shots, rolling, flams and ghost-notes on the snare up to powerful crash hits and cymbal swells, each nuance is differentiated and relocated without transition. Ensuring spatial depth, a special ambience-fader makes the direct setting of space- and overhead microphon simulation possible.

The Technical Facts of the  Roland TD-30 sound module:

  • drum Kits: 100
  • instruments: drum-instruments = 1100; backing-instruments = 262
  • drum kit chains: 16 (32 steps per chain)
  • percussion-sets: 8
  • USB song player: WAV, MP3
  • display: grafic LCD 80 x 256 pixel, 7 segments, 3 signs (LED), TRIGGER-level (LED)
  • fader: 8 (kick, snare, toms, hi-hat, crash, ride, AUX, ambience)
  • power usage: 18W
  • accessories: CD-ROM (play-along audio songs/USB-driver)


  • pad-compressor (all Pads)
  • pad-equalizer (all Pads)
  • ambience-section : (overhead mic-simulator, room-types (25), reverb), multi-effects: 21 types,
  • master-compressor, master-equalizer, reverb (for backing-part), chorus (for backing-part)


  • user-patterns: 100
  • preset-patterns: 100
  • parts: 6
  • play-types: oneshot, loop, tap
  • record-methodes: realtime
  • max. ca. 40,000 notes


  • TRIGGER IN x 15
  • MASTER OUT (L/MONO, R): jack
  • DIRECT OUT x 8 (jack)
  • DIGITAL OUT (coaxial, 44.1 kHz/24-bit)
  • PHONES (stereo-jack)
  • MIX IN (stereo-jack)
  • FOOT SW (jack)

Optional Accessoires:

  • pads (PD-series, PDX-series)
  • cymbals (CY-Serie)
  • kicks (KD-Serie)
  • hi-hats (VH-series, FD-series)
  • acoustic drum triggers (RT-series)
  • footswitches (BOSS FS-5U, FS-6)
  • personal drum monitore (PM-30, PM-10)
  • USB-Stick

Sizes and Weight:

  • length: 330 mm
  • deep: 258 mm
  • high: 106 mm
  • weight: 3.2 Kg
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