drum-tec pro custom Floor Tom 14" x 14" (white pearl)

drum-tec pro custom Floor Tom 14" x 14"

Discontinued product

This product has been discontinued by its manufacturer and is out of production.

drum-tec pro custom White Pearl Floor Tom 14"

The high-end e-drum - Made in Germany! - wrapped in beautiful Delmar finishes!

The sophisticated choice. Our beautiful drum-tec pro custom series e-drum is a visual masterpiece.
Refined shell design - our e-drums are said to "have a soul"

  • full 5 year warranty on all drum-tec pro pads
  • 100% Roland compatible
  • "Made in Germany"

  • The drum-tec pro custom series is a proprietary design with acoustic-sized shells and the result from our combined experiences as e-drum professionals.
  • Made in Germany. The entire series is assembled by hand to meet our incredibly high quality demands.
  • Our shells have been specifically designed for our trigger technology and are manufactured to our exact specifications. All required components have been built in laser-controlled precision work right here in Germany.
  • The drum-tec pro series supports high-end features like position-sensing (with Roland TD-12/20/25/30/50 sound modules) as well as complete dual-triggering on the toms.
  • The pro custom series comes with our top-shelf real feel mesh heads. These 3-ply heads are amazing to play and feature outstanding trigger-characteristics and extremely high durability while still producing only minor surface noise. (Note: The bass drum has a real feel trigger system where the beater actually sinks in to the head. This works even better with the 2-ply design series, which is why this is what's mounted on the bass)

The drum-tec pro custom series will fit you like a glove: It is not just a perfectly built e-drum. The pro custom series also feels like the big drum-set it is with the dimensions, stage-presence and visual appeal of an acoustic set.

Each of our handmade "Made in Germany" e-drum pads have been subjected to a strict quality control. Only perfect pads are leaving our house!
full 5 year warranty on all drum-tec pro pads

All drum-tec pads of the pro- and diabolo series are compatible with the following components:

  • all Roland modules (TD-3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/15/17/20/25/30/50)
  • Pearl Mimic Pro
  • Roland TMC-6 and TM-2
  • all Roland octopads and multi-pads like SPD-S and SX, SPD-30 etc.
  • 2Box module drumIt5 and drumIt3
  • all ddrum modules (ddrum 2, 3, 4 + AT) Alesis DM10, trigger I/O, advanced drum module, strike. (with older Alesis modules partly just mono triggering)
  • Alesis performance pads, sample pads e.t.c.
  • Yamaha modules and also DTXM12 multi-pad - only 1 zone (no rim-sensing)
  • ATV aD5
Diameter in inch: 14
Depth in inch: 14
Acoustic Design: Yes
Trigger zones: Dual Zone
Finish: White Pearl
Series: pro

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Customer reviews
27 Oct 2020

The Best

Die besten E-Drums sind halt von drum tec. Habe verschiedene Marken gehabt, aber bei drum tec habe ich ein echtes Drum Gefühl

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