Roland TD-11 Drum Sound Module

Roland TD-11 V-Drums Soundmodul
Roland TD-11 V-Drums Soundmodul
Roland TD-11 V-Drums Soundmodul

Discontinued product:

This product has been discontinued by its manufacturer and is out of production. Here's what we recommend as Roland TD-11 Drum Sound Module alternative:

Roland TD-17 sound module incl. Modul Upgrade V2 and Live Sound Edition 645,00 €

Roland TD-11 Supernatural Trigger Drum Module with drum-tec Sound Edition

Only at drum-tec with the TD-11 Special Acoustic Drum Sound Edition - and so the play-feeling of a real Drum Set finnaly comes through! We play only on real Mesh Heads and with authentic nature sounds here!

The SuperNATURAL technology is also brought in action at the new TD-11. By Behaviour Modeling, it ties the advantages of expressiveness and dynamic, and provides an even better tonal development. Equipped with high-quality, pressureful sounds and the many practicing-functions, the TD-11 is an ideal module to train your drum skills.

Content / Components Roland TD-11 Sound Module:

  • Roland sound module
  • Multicore Trigger Cable
  • module holder plate
  • manual

The drum-tec Essentials of the Roland TD-11:

History of the The Roland TD-11 series was presented as the smallest "real V-Drum Series" at the Music Trade Fair 2012. This series is definately located in the tradition of the best-selled Electronic Drumsets in the world: the Roland TD-6 and TD-9 sets.

What distinguishes the set from the alternatives: The Roland TD-11KV is the cheapest entry into a complete mesh head Electronic Drum Set of Roland and comes with the latest SuperNATURAL sound technology (strictly speaking: good and realistic sounds) and the Behavior Modeling (To put it simply: clean and realistic playing as regards Dynamics, Speech and Sound Behavior). The sound module offers very well-designed exercise functions, the possibility of recording and a Rhythm Coach to accompany the practising at home usefully.

The most important Features of the Roland TD-11:

  • SuperNATURAL sounds with Behaviour Modeling
  • Expressive and many-sided Sound-Library with 190 sounds, 50 drum kits, 10 ambience
  • Coach- and Quick REC-Function to train your drum skills at home and in music school.
  • 14 internal songs + audio CD with 38 songs and 22 pattern to practice and to play-with
  • USB memory for a direct connection to computers
  • USB memory for data-backups and for the play-back of audio-songs (WAV/MP3)

Technical Facts of the Roland TD-11 Sound Module:

  • drum kits: 50
  • instruments: 190
  • instrument parameters: tuning, muffling, snare buzz, strainer, tone color, volume, pan
  • interface: hi-speed USB (USB-MIDI, USB-audio, USB flash memory)
  • output impedance: 1.0 k ohms
  • power supply: AC adaptor (DC 9 V)
  • current draw: 350 mA
  • preset songs: 14 CD-rom: song: 38, pattern: 22
  • quick rec resolution: 480 ticks per quarter note
  • recording method: real-time
  • maximum note storage: approx. 30,000 notes
  • USB memory song player - file format: WAV/MP3
  • display: 64 x 128 dots graphic type LCD (backlit LCD)

Effect Types of the Roland TD-11 Sound Module:

  • ambience (10 types)
  • 4-band equalizer
  • ambience parameters: type, character, size, wall, shape

Connectors of the Roland TD-11 Sound Module:

  • trigger input connector (DB-25 type): kick, snare, tom1, tom2, tom3, hi-hat, crash1, ride, ride bell, hi-hat control
  • extra trigger input jacks: 1 (crash2) (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
  • outputjacks (L/mono, R) (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
  • phones jack (stereo 1/4 inch phone type)
  • mix in jack (stereo miniature phone type)
  • MIDI out connector
  • USB computer port
  • USB memory port

Accessories of the Roland TD-11 Sound Module:

  • owner's manual
  • CD-rom (play-along audio song/USB driver)
  • AC adaptor
  • special connection cable
  • wing bolt (M5 x 10) x 2
  • sound module mounting plate

Optional Accessoires of the Roland TD-11 Sound Module:

  • pads (PD series, PDX series)
  • cymbals (CY series)
  • kick (KD series)
  • hi-hat (VH-11)
  • hi-hat control pedal (FD series)
  • stand (MDS series)
  • cymbal mount (MDY series)
  • pad mount (MDH series)
  • acoustic drum trigger (RT series)
  • personal drum monitor: PM-10,PM-30
  • V-Drums accessory package: DAP-3X
  • V-Drums mat (TDM-20/TDM-10)
  • USB flash memory * Use USB flash memory sold by Roland. We cannot guarantee operation if other products are used.

Size and Weight of the Roland TD-11 Sound Module:

  • width: 154 mm (6-1/8 inches)
  • depth: 89 mm (3-9/16 inches)
  • height: 225 mm (8-7/8 inches)
  • weight: 665 g (1 lbs. 8 oz.)
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