DRUMnBASE VP185 Vintage 1.85m x 1.60m Bonzo Style

DRUMnBASE VP185 Vintage 1.85m x 1.60m

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DRUMnBASE VP185 Vintage BONZO Drum carpet

DRUMnBASE Vintage Drum is a drum carpet for drummers measuring 1.85 m x 1.65 m. With a weight of 8 kg and a thickness of 6.5 mm, it offers optimum durability. The 2.5 mm anti-slip coating on the back side provides optimum grip. The increased weight ensures that the DRUMnBASE Vintage Drum Carpet lies flat on the floor and does not roll up at the sides. The top side is made of polyamide velour and is therefore UV and water resistant. Due to the high density of the DRUMnBASE Vintage Drum Carpet, it actively reduces the vibrations that are transferred to the hardware when playing drums, thus ensuring a clear drum sound.

  • Colour: BONZO Edition
  • Size: 1.85 m x 1.65 m (deep enough for two floor toms)
  • Thickness: 6.5 mm, of which 2.5 mm is anti-slip coating
  • Material: polyamide velour
  • Weight: 8 kg; stays flat
  • Reduces vibrations -> Clear sound
  • UV- and waterproof
  • Size rolled up: 1,65 m x 12 cm x 12cm

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