drum-tec minibans (stainless steel)

drum-tec minibans (stainless steel)
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drum-tec minibans: Purist stainless steel shells, dual zone triggers and unlimited possibilities

  • Perfect as a trigger add-on for your E-drum and acoustic set
  • Stylish stand-alone percussion for your stage performance.
  • Plug and play right away: take your sound to a new level!
  • drum-tec design Mesh Heads
  • Made in Germany with loving craftsmanship

Free sound packages for Roland modules

Owners of the Roland modules TD-17, TD-27, TD-30 and TD-50X will receive an exclusive sound package as a thank-you gift when purchasing an eBan set.

Please contact us to get the right pack for you!

Want to look great and sound awesome?

With drum-tec minibans you expand your drum set with mercilessly honest trigger pads. You don't just benefit from their professional trigger technology. The E-drums made of stainless steel are also absolutely puristic and timelessly stylish.

Classic Octoban design, unlimited potential

minibans are the ultimate trigger extension for acoustic drums: visually, the stainless steel shells are based on their analog models. But they offer unlimited options when it comes to sound. Whether you trigger classic octo sounds or fire off samples: the minibans always deliver.

Octobans have inspires the drum sounds of legends like Stewart Copeland and Simon Phillips, and have influenced generations of drummers. Like their role models, drum-tec minibans are stylish tubes of a single diameter in a variety of lengths. But unlike their acoustic ancestors, the sound possibilities are endless with the electronic Octobans!

Due to the compact but perfectly playable diameter of 6" and with their dual zone triggers, drum-tec minibans are your ideal companions. They enhance both your performance and your drum kit.

Your entry into the world of E-drums!

Are you an acoustic drummer wanting to optimize your set with E-drums? But you don't like flat pads - it has to be real drums? Congratulations, you're at the right place. With minibans you get the power of modern e-drum pads with the look and feel of acoustic instruments. And the size of the shells makes it easy to integrate these electronic team players into your existing acoustic setup.

Compatible with the best drum sound modules!

The minibans are 100% compatible with all Roland sound modules and they support most modules of all leading manufacturers. You can find an overview below. Our tip for E-drum novices: the drum-tec minibans can be perfectly combined with the Roland SPD-SX sampling pad, for example!

Expand your E-drum set!

You have free trigger inputs on your recent module? Add drum-tec minibans to your E-drum set and take advantage of everything your module has to offer! You can either operate the minibans as a dual zone pad or control two different channels in single zone mode.

Standalone minibans: your mini percussion set

As a percussive unit with 2 or 4 pads, the drum-tec minibans are an outstanding live mini-set for any instrumentalist, vocalist, or even the DJ who wants to accompany his tracks on stage

Classic design with a puristic look

The sturdy stainless steel shells are made in the classic concert tom design. Like their analog counterparts, they have no heads at the bottom. In terms of design, we have opted for a maximum purist look. The material of the stainless steel shells is clear and transparent. minibans fit to literally any existing set finish.

Two-layer mesh heads

As with the full-size drum-tec drums, we equip the shells of the minibans with two-layer design Mesh Heads. The drum-tec design Mesh Heads produce a very authentic rebound with minimal noise. They pass your performance perfectly to the dual triggers.

Mercifully honest edge trigger system

In every minibans, a solid 2-zone edge trigger system, proven thousands of times, processes your performance. The trigger sensitively detects your playing on mesh head and rim and precisely relays these signals to your sound module

Can I use drum-tec minibans with my sound module?

The minibans are compatible with most common sound modules. You can find a detailed overview of the modules right here:

  • All Roland modules from TD-3, ..., TD-11, .. TD-17, TD-27 to TD-50, TD-50X and everything in between
  • Pearl Mimic Pro
  • Roland TMC-6, TM-2
  • All Roland Octapads and Multipads from the SPD series, like SPD-S/SX and SPD-30
  • ATV aD5, xD3
  • All EFNOTE modules
  • 2Box module drumIt5, drumIt5 MKII and drumIt3
  • all ddrum modules (ddrum 2, 3, 4 + AT)

Included in delivery:

  • 1 x drum-tec miniban (stainless steel)
  • without stand and cables
Diameter in inch: 6
Acoustic Design: Yes
Trigger zones: Dual Zone
Finish: Stainless Steel

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