ATV aD-T13 - aDrums artist 13" Floor Tom

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ATV aD-T13: 13“ Floor Tom Pad

  • High-end trigger technology with natural playing dynamics
  • Dual Zone Pad with two trigger zones for head and rim
  • High quality black lacquered acoustic sized birch wood shell
  • Puristic look – designed in Japan

With the high-end E-Drum pads of the aDrums series, ATV shows the potential of modern trigger technology. Built in shells made of birch wood with high quality fittings. The result: precise triggering, perfection in all details and timeless classic design.


  • 2-zone snare pad with head and rim zone
  • 13" diameter x 12" depth - authentic shell dimensions
  • 2-layer ATV Mesh Head
  • Reso Mesh Head on the bottom of the shell
  • High gloss lacquered birch wood shell
  • High quality black tension hoops and chrome fittings
  • Rim rubber for noise dampening and quiet intrinsic sounds
  • Look + feel of a real acoustic wood Tom
  • Compatible with many modules

Scope of delivery of the ATV aD-T13

  • ATV aD-T13
  • Instruction manual

ATV aDrums - Innovative trigger system

The beat detection of the tom and snare pads is based on three side triggers. This system avoids a "hot spot" in the middle of the striking surface. The three triggers sit very far to the edge. Since this area is usually played less, the chance for a hot-spot hit is lower than with systems with center triggers. A "hot spot" is the small area directly above a trigger that, when hit hard, gives an overdriven signal to the drum module. In the module, this causes distortion in the dynamic bandwidth and in your headphones, it causes an unpleasantly loud signal. With the side triggers, the hot-spot hit rate is much lower

Natural playing dynamics

The side trigger system gives you consistent sensitivity across the entire playing area. This results in extremely natural playing dynamics. Finest crescendo or dynamic fortissimo - everything is resolved very true to the original. The shell is covered with a 2-ply mesh head.

Differentiated recognition of your performance

The Dual Zone Pads send your exact strokes on Mesh Head and Rim to the appropriately equipped module. The snare pad also comes with a maple side-stick surface for your rim clicks.

Mesh Head Bass Drum

The bass drum with a real 18" diameter has a full-length birch shell without a hole for a tom pickup. It is covered with a black front head and a mesh head as a drumhead. Due to the playing surface of the mesh head, the bass drum is quieter than kick pads with playing surfaces made of plastic or rubber. The Mesh Head can be tensioned individually. This gives your kick the desired rebound.

Noble look of an acoustic set

The components of the aDrums series do really look like an acoustic cocktail set. The bass drum has 18" x 12", the floor tom 13" x 12", the tom 10" x 6.5" and also the snare with 13" diameter and 5.5" depth does not let you suspect that this is a high-end E-Drum kit. The noble look of the high-gloss lacquered shells made of genuine birch wood and the perfectly processed fittings round off the image of a timeless classic drum kit.

High compatibility with various drum modules

The aDrums are compatible with all ATV modules. The modules implement the dual triggering of the snare drum, and offer very cool tom sounds. You can also play the aDrums with the modules of other manufacturers. These include, among others, the modules by Roland, the Mimic by Pearl, but also modules by Alesis or 2Box.

Diameter in inch: 13
Depth in inch: 12
Acoustic Design: Yes
Trigger zones: Dual Zone
Finish: Black
Series: aDrums Artist

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Customer reviews
14 Jun 2020

Ich würde es wieder kaufen.

Das 13" Floor-Tom von Atv spielt sich wie oben beschrieben mit einer super natürlichen Dynamik,keine Hot-Spots.Man meint man spielt an einem Natur-Set.Ich würde dieses Tom wieder kaufen.

Mit musikalischen Grüßen
Frank Simen

18 Sep 2018


Can only give Drumtec full credit for deliver items so fast.
it is actually 1-2 days as they say. And a brilliant support as well.

Keep up the good work guys!

18 Sep 2018


Can only give Drumtec full credit for deliver items so fast.
it is actually 1-2 days as they say. And a brilliant support as well.

Keep up the good work guys!

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