drum-tec diabolo 3 Bass Drum

drum-tec diabolo 3 Bass Drum
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drum-tec diabolo 3 Bass Drum

  • Compact E-Drums in an appealing Acoustic Design
  • Bass Drum with real feel trigger-/damping System
  • Authentic playing experience thanks to dynamic triggering and high-quality mesh heads
  • High-quality components and top-notch craftsmanship - Made in Germany
  • Available in 3 Finishes and 2 Sizes

The drum-tec diabolo 3 Series Bass Drum provides an authentic playing experience with powerful rebound and is equally suitable for single and double bass pedal setups. The high-quality birchwood shells, finished with high-gloss lacquer, give the Bass Drum an appealing appearance, while the compact design offers space-saving setup options.


  • 6-ply birchwood shells
  • Real feel trigger-/damping system
  • Available in 3 high-gloss finishes: piano black, red sparkle, & silver sparkle
  • Available in 2 Sizes: 18" x 12" & 18" x 6"
  • Compact shell dimensions in Acoustic Design
  • 2-ply drum-tec design Mesh Heads on all shells
  • High-quality components and top-notch craftsmanship
  • Item weights:
    • 18" x 6": 7,8 kg
    • 18" x 12": 9,7 kg

Scope of Delivery:

  • 1 x drum-tec diabolo 3 Bass Drum Pad
  • 1 x drum-tec Protection Dot (pre-installed)

Delivery without cables.

Bass Drum Pad for Solid Punch - even with Double Pedal

Experience an authentic rebound with powerful punch using our globally renowned "real feel" Kick Drum Trigger/Damping system. The beater submerges into the pad just like with an acoustic drumhead, and you can truly feel it!

The sensor's precise fine-tuning ensures equal recognition of strikes from both the left and right beaters when using a double pedal. This guarantees consistent sensitivity and faithfully reproduces every strike. Rest assured that your playing with a double pedal will be captured uniformly and consistently. Of course, you'll also enjoy optimal triggering performance with a single pedal setup!

Lacquered Shells for a Premium Look

The drum-tec diabolo 3 Series combines innovative technology with high-quality 6-ply birch wood shells. These shells are available in three elegant high-gloss finishes, adding a touch of sophistication to your drum kit. Solid chrome hardware enhances the overall visual appeal, making your set a true eye-catcher!

drum-tec Design Mesh Heads

The diabolo 3 series features 2-ply drum-tec design mesh heads on the batter side of the shells. These mesh heads provide excellent rebound, minimal self-noise, and exceptional triggering capabilities. It's no wonder they are among our bestsellers!

The bass drum is also equipped with a design mesh head as the batter head. On the bass drum mesh head, you'll find a pre-mounted protection dot, providing additional durability, especially when using felt beaters.

Compact E-Drum with Endless Possibilities

The diabolo 3 Series is significantly more compact compared to the pro 3 series. With its shorter shells, it's the perfect choice for drummers who prefer lightweight travel or are seeking a space-saving kit, without compromising on visual appeal or technical excellence.

3-Year Warranty on diabolo 3 Pads

Each of the E-drum pads, meticulously handcrafted in Germany, undergoes rigorous quality control. Only flawless drums leave our manufacturing facility, ensuring the utmost satisfaction and performance for our customers.

Diameter in inch: 18
Acoustic Design: Yes
Trigger zones: Single Zone
Series: diabolo

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Customer reviews
11 Mar 2024

Super Kick Drum

Super Bass Drum für mein TD15, welches schon mit Snare, Becken und größeren Pads im laufe der Jahre erweitert wurde. Die Bass Drum macht das Set jetzt komplett. Hatte zwischen einer ATV in 18“ und einer Zeitgeist in 20“ überlegt. Dann wurde mir telefonisch diese Drumtec Bass empfohlen, ich bin super glücklich dieses professionelle sehr gut verarbeitete gebrauchte Schnäppchen gemacht zu haben, absolute Empfehlung!

26 Oct 2023

Klasse Bassdrum

Ich habe lange rumgemacht und im Vorfeld viel gelesen. Mit meinem Roland KD 8 bin ich nie warm geworden. Das hier ist definitiv eine andere Liga. Spielbarkeit ist sehr gut. Allerdings musste ich das Mesh komplett "runterstimmen" um keine ungewollten Doppelschläge zu bekommen. Das ist aber eben Einstellungssache (auch der Fußmaschine). Sie ist sehr standfest (auch bei solidem Hardrock-drumming). Optisch sieht die BD klasse aus. Service und Beratung von Drum-Tec wie immer super.

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