Arborea Mute Low Noise 14" hi hat

Arborea MUTE Low Noise 14" Hi-Hat
Arborea MUTE Low Noise 14" Hi-Hat
Arborea MUTE Low Noise 14" Hi-Hat
Arborea MUTE Low Noise 14" Hi-Hat
Arborea MUTE Low Noise 14" Hi-Hat
Arborea MUTE Low Noise 14" Hi-Hat
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Arborea MUTE Low Noise 14" Hi-Hat: Dynamic sound at a cosy volume

  • Balanced hi-hat sound for your drum kit
  • Good dynamic range
  • Very quiet but present

Arborea MUTE Low Noise Cymbals offer you an authentic cymbal sound in reduced volume.


  • 14" Hi-Hat
  • Balanced sound bandwidth and direct response
  • 70% volume reduction compared to conventional cymbals
  • Rebound feel of a classic hi-hat cymbal
  • Value-priced cymbal for quiet practice, rehearsal room and unplugged gigs
  • Handmade in Asia

What are low noise cymbals and what are they made for?

Low noise cymbals offer you the sound characteristics, feel and rebound of classic acoustic cymbals. They are made of the same alloys and materials. But they are significantly quieter. This is achieved by countless symmetrically arranged holes in the cymbal body. The resulting reduced mass develops less volume. Low noise cymbals are great for practicing, jamming and smaller gigs.

Type: Hi-Hat
Alloy: Nickel
Size in inch: 14
Farbe: Silber

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Customer reviews
13 Jan 2024

1 or 2 cymbals

How many cymbals in the pack, one or 2 ?

drum-tec Team 16 Jan 2024

the Arborea Mute Hi-Hat consists of Hi-Hat Top and Bottom Cymbal

19 Apr 2019

Preis/Leistung ist definitiv ok. Allerdings würde ich zur deutlich wärmer klingenden B8 Version raten. Diese kostet zwar ein gutes Stück mehr, ist den Aufpreis aber definitiv Wert. Geht es aber rein ums üben und es geht lediglich um das Spielgefühl, sind die Hats definitiv das antesten Wert!

4 Jan 2019

Hält was es verspricht

Ich bin super zufrieden, toller Sound für leises üben und auch klasse für unplugged gigs

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