Toontrack Dark Industrial EZX [Download]

Toontrack Dark Industrial EZX [Download]
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Toontrack Dark Industrial EZX [TT633SN]

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EZX expansion pack for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer

A massive EZX tailored for industrial rock and metal, dark electronic beats and cinematic sound design.

Inspired by anything from industrial metal to dark electronic beats and cinematic sound design, this EZX presents a fathomless fusion of warped, menacing and multi-layered textures of cutting-edge sound design. In total, more than 400 audio sources covering anything from acoustic drums and percussion to electronic drum machines, foley, ambience and effect noises are included. Using elaborate chains of effects and outboard, each individual sound was engineered, re-amped or remixed for a tangibly raw, gritty and distorted feel. With these sounds as a base, 31 mix-ready presets were created, each offering its own unique hybrid kit. Combined, the contents of this EZX will lend you a massive body of sound that melds the two worlds of acoustic and electronic into a sinister synthesis of skewed percussive go-tos for any track in need of a viscerally dark aura.

To add, the intuitively laid-out interface offers dedicated pads for subs, risers, atmosphere and more, enabling you to use this EZX as a one-stop shop for fully produced beat foundations as much as a source for special effects. Lastly, a basic collection of MIDI files composed to go with each kit preset is included. This means that you don't only have the sounds, you also have a starting point for the groove - one you can take virtually anywhere using the framework of creative features in EZdrummer 3 or Superior Drummer 3.

Sometimes, complete darkness is the most vivid and creative color of them all. When painting blindly - void of context and contour - there are no dots to connect, lines to cross or outer bounds to shun. This is an EZX for just that: fearless audio exploration and utter experimentation.


  • Tailored for industrial rock and metal, dark electronic beats and cinematic sound design
  • Acoustic drums/percussion and re-amped drum machine sounds
  • Percussive elements and foley sampled from a rich variety of sources
  • More than 400 individually engineered source sounds
  • Featuring all-new recordings made in different studios during 2022 and 2023
  • 31 mix-ready kit presets with one set of corresponding MIDI grooves for each

System requirements

  • 540 MB free disk space, 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended).
  • A working EZdrummer 3.0.6 (or above) or a Superior Drummer 3.3.6 (or above) installation.
Type: EZX Sound Expansion

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