Tama True Touch Training Kit - 4 pieces

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TAMA True Touch Training Kit - 4 pieces

The new True Touch Training Kit is a revolutionary practice kit, which is not only ideally suited for quiet practice at home due to its unique design, but also provides a realistic feel of an acoustic drum kit. Highlight: The snare pad can be tuned like a conventional acoustic version, allowing the pitch to be changed in the classic way - this proves to be particularly practical for phrasing and sticking. The combination of lightweight yet solid construction, low volume and a very realistic dynamic feel, was previously not possible with conventional practice kits.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Solid Kick Bass Pad
  • 1x AAD snare pad
  • 1x 8" high tom pad w/ mounting clamp
  • 1x 9" floor tom w/ clamp & boom arm & L-rod
  • 1x tom stand

Delivered without pedal, hi-hat stand, cymbal stand and cymbals.

TAMA True Touch Kit Demo:

Easy Setup System

Pads attach easily and quickly via TAMA's proven Mount System. Fast Clamps allow for uncomplicated mounting and dismounting.

Flush Frame

The Flush Frame provides additional stability for the bass drum pedal. By allowing the angle to be adjusted, the pedal rests flat on the floor - an extra stable, supportive design between the pedal and the frame itself.

Solid Kick Bass Pad

TAMA's True Touch Solid Kit Bass Pad, like the AAD Snare Pad, delivers a realistic feel Articulation and rebound function like an acoustic bass drum.

Snare Buzz Spheres

The stainless steel spheres inside the snare pad produce a snare buzz-like sound. This is amplified by the aluminum plate - against which the spheres bounce. They respond dynamically in response and sound to both soft and harder hits.

Space Save Tripod Legs

Specially designed tripod, which not only saves space, but also provides reliable stability.

Real Rim

The outer raised plastic hoop allows rim clicks, side-stick techniques, as well as rim shots to be simulated realistically and naturally.

AAD Snare Pad

TAMA's True Touch AAD (Accuracy, Articulation, Dynamics) snare pad provides the highest possible dynamics, articulation and the natural feel of an acoustic snare.

Type: Practice Pad

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