Roland PDA-120L-BK 12" V-Drums Pad

Roland PDA-120L-BK 12" V-Drums Pad
Roland PDA-120L-BK 12" V-Drums Pad
Roland PDA-120L-BK 12" V-Drums Pad
Roland PDA-120L-BK 12" V-Drums Pad
Roland PDA-120L-BK 12" V-Drums Pad
Roland PDA-120L-BK 12" V-Drums Pad
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Roland PDA-120L V-Drums Acoustic Design: E-Tom pad in flat Acoustic-Look

  • High quality Pad with shallow shell
  • High-End Sensor-System with natural playing dynamics
  • Side trigger system - no hot spot in the center
  • Dual Zone technology with two trigger zones for head and rim
  • 2-layer Mesh Head for individual rebound
  • Classy high gloss finish with custom chrome hardware

The Roland VAD Pads 100L, 120L and 120LS offer state-of-the art triggering, combined with a handy acoustic look. The shells are made of high-quality components and deliver an authentic reproduction of your performance.


  • 2-zone tom pad with head and rim zone
  • 12" diameter
  • 2-ply Roland Mesh Head
  • Laminated real wood
  • High-quality tension hoops and chrome-plated fittings
  • Rim rubber for noise damping and quiet intrinsic noise
  • Shallow shell - compact and convenient for transportation
  • Compatible with all Roland modules and many modules of other manufacturers

Scope of delivery Roland PDA-120L

  • Roland PDA-120L
  • Instruction manual

Roland VAD PDA-120L - V-Drums Tom Pad with high quality trigger system

Roland VAD tom pads work with a side trigger system. This avoids a "hot spot" in the middle of the hitting surface. The triggers are located very far from the edge. Since this area is usually played less, the chance for a hot-spot hit is lower than for systems with center triggers. A "hot spot" is the small area directly above a trigger that, when hit hard, gives an overdriven signal to the drum module. In the module this leads to distortions in the dynamic bandwidth and in the headphones you will get an unpleasantly loud signal. With the side triggers, the hot-spot hit rate is much smaller.

Natural playing dynamics

The side trigger system gives you consistent sensitivity across the entire playing area. This results in an extremely natural reproduction of your playing dynamics. No matter what you play on the 2-layer Mesh Head or on the Rim of the Dual Zone Pad - it will be faithfully passed on to your module.

Roland VAD - Noble optics in a handy dimension

The shells of the VAD series are high quality foiled. First-class chrome-plated tension hoops and noble fittings round off the high-quality look. The series includes an 18" x 7" kick drum, tom pads in 10" and 12" diameters with a T-style tom mount, and a 12" snare/tom pad without a mount to rest on a snare stand.

High compatibility with various drum modules

The VAD series pads are compatible with all Roland modules and the modules of many other manufacturers.

Diameter in inch: 12
Depth in inch: 4
Acoustic Design: Yes
Trigger zones: Dual Zone
Finish: Black
Series: VAD

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Customer reviews
14 Apr 2021

Super Upgrade zum PDX-8

Ich habe mir dieses Pad als Snare-Upgrade gekauft und es hat ein PDX-8 ersetzt. Der Unterschied ist riesig. Es macht unglaublich Spaß auf diesem Pad zu spielen.
Durch die Anordnung der 3 Trigger unter dem Mesh konnte ich keinerlei Hotspotting feststellen (Im Gegensatz zum PDX-8) und auch das Triggerverhalten erscheint mir sehr gleichmäßig auf der gesamten Fläche des Pads. Dass dadurch kein Positional sensing möglich ist, ist für mich kein Problem, da ich ein TD-11 Modul nutze, das kein Positional sensing unterstützt.
Auch Rim-shots werden gleichmäßig auf dem ganzen Umfang (und auch am Kessel selbst) registriert.
Das Pad macht sich im Vergleich zum PDX-8 auch optisch deutlich besser durch die Größe und das akustische Design. Der Preis stimmt auch.

7 Jan 2021

Awesome pad

Just bought this the other day, and I must say I am enjoying this a lot! Until I played this pad, I never really noticed how much difference the hotspotting on the other pads make. This pad has no hotspotting, which is really cool. Unfortunally, it hasn't got positional sensing, which I thought I would miss a lot. But turns out, the fact it has no hot spotting is much more important than the fact that it has no positional sensing. Actually, this pad feels more realistic to me than the more expansive PD125BK, which basically has been the roland golden standard for snare pads for years.

9 Dec 2020

Well built workhorse pad

I bought this pad for floortom use (TD-25 module) and so far im really pleased with it. Trigger system is "3-zones" so it completely eliminates hotspotting but unfortunately, because of the 3 zones trigger desing, it doesnt' support positional sensing (TD-30 supports ps for toms for example). Build quality is robust and I think it looks really nice and beefy compared to more shallow roland pads (Pdx-100, 8 etc..) Overall I think this is a great upgrade from PDX's to a larger diameter pad and it's also way way cheaper than for example the PD-128BC.

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