Roland PD-140DS Digital Snare with Delmar wrap

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Roland PD-140DS: Digital Snare for almost all playing techniques

  • Experience high-resolution sound triggering:The Roland PD-140DS Digital Snare is the perfect snare drum for the digital capabilities of the Roland TD-27, TD-50 and TD-50X sound modules.
  • Play your style without compromise: Whether cross sticks, rim shots or traditional techniques - ALL playing techniques on this snare will be reproduced faithfully by the modules
  • Great feel and perfect response: The three-layer mesh head provides a natural reboundwithout the "tennis ball effect"
  • Unbeatable look: The chrome-plated steel shell provides the visual presence of an acoustic snare. In addition, the interchangeable Delmar color foil gives you a cool look

With its digital pads, E-Drum pioneer Roland continues to drive the evolution of E-Drums. The PD-140DS snare drum pad delivers its signals digitally to the compatible sound modules.The result is an unprecedented expressiveness and a high-resolution finesse in the reproduction of your playing technique.

The completely new multi-sensor system recognizes your beat position far more differentiated than all previous Roland pads. The most subtle dynamic nuances are accurately implemented. Swivels, rimshots, cross-stic - everything is detected exactly and passed on digitally. From this precise information, your module can assemble the sounds from its multilayer samples even more accurately in the ratio that corresponds to realistic beat position and strength. Your strokes and ghost notes can sound more nuanced, characterful, individual and alive. They'll be as finely blended as you play the snare.

The digital snare is equipped with a 3-layer Mesh Head. It provides you with your individual rebound, because it can be tensioned like a conventional drumhead.

Even the look is real. The incredible realism in the sound possibilities was consistently continued by Roland in the optical design. The snare has a real 14" diameter and with its 5 inch depth, the steel shell can be distinguished from a conventional acoustic snare only by the rim noise rubber on the tension ring.

With the exchangeable foil floating on the shell in the colors White Pearl, Black Slate and Red Oyster, you can give your Roland Digital Snare an additional cool look. The foil is simply placed around the shell. Gluing is not necessary. You can therefore simply remove the foil if your Roland digital snare pad looks better in another set with its chrome finish.

With the Digital Snare Drum PD-140DS, Roland has opened another chapter in the history of E-Drums. Of course, such a milestone also needs highly qualified companions. Those are the flagships among the Roland modules: The TD-27, the TD-50 and of course the TD-50X as the state of the art module of the Japanese manufacturer. These Modules perfectly convert the signals of the Digital Pad.


  • Digital snare drum with high resolution position detection
  • High-end trigger technology for perfect trigger transmission
  • Look & feel of a real acoustic steel shell snare
  • Optimal rebound thanks to 3-layer Mesh Head
  • 14" x 5" - authentic original dimensions
  • High-resolution multi-element sensor system consisting of head sensor, 3 position sensors, rim sensor, 3 cross-stick sensors and sensing processor
  • Noble design with polished shell and chrome-plated tensioning brackets
  • Replaceable Delmar foil
  • Compatible with Roland TD-27, TD50 and TD50X modules
  • Perfect in set with Roland Digital Ride CY-18DR and Digital Hi-Hat VH-14D
  • Easy to integrate via USB

Scope of delivery of the Roland PD-140DS Digital Snare

  • Roland PD-140DS Digital Snare
  • Instruction manual
  • USB connecting cable
  • Tuning key

Digital snare drum with high resolution position detection

With the Roland PD-140DS you can play notes that previously have not been possible. The digital snare detects exactly what you play, where you play it, and with what dynamics you play it. From this, it forms digital information that triggers high-resolution samples with the finest layer nuances in your TD-27, TD50 or TD50X. E-drumming can't get any closer to nature's sound.

High-resolution high-end trigger technology for perfect trigger transmission

To make this possible, a perfectly balanced set of sensors works inside the Digital Snare. The head sensor, 3 position sensors, a rim sensor, 3 cross-stick sensors and a sampling processor create a high-resolution overall information of your performance and pass it on to the module via USB.

Look & feel of a real acoustic steel shell snare drum

Technically, the PD-140DS is a high-quality e-drum pad. Visually, the PD-140DS is a true 14" snare with a polished steel shell and chrome tension brackets. The simple classy design shows an understatement, which the instrument exceeds many times by its performance and by the possibilities it gives you. Haptically, you get a snare with 3-layer mesh head. It provides you with the individual ideal rebound and is finely adjustable in tension with 8 tuning screws.

Perfect in set with digital ride and digital hi-hat

The PD-14DS is one of 3 different digital pads made by Roland. The family also includes the digital hi-hat VH-14D with finest resolution and with real 14" diameter as well as the digital ride cymbal pad CY-18DR with high-resolution transmission of edge, bow and cup signals.

Diameter in inch: 14
Acoustic Design: Yes
Trigger zones: Triple Zone

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