Roland CY-18DR Digital Ride Cymbal (b-stock)

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Roland CY-18DR Digital Ride Cymbal 18“ returned (b-stock)

Totality and functionality tested. Traces of use.

  • High-Resolution Sound-Triggering
  • Digital E-cymbal with 3 trigger zones, natural playing feel and authentic vibration behavior
  • Dynamic and high resolution 3-zone triggering with bow, edge and cup play
  • 360° playable with best nuance processing and very true to life chokeable
  • Heavy and very stable cymbal with the vibration behavior of a metal cymbal
  • With special edge rubber for quiet and yet authentic edge stop
  • Latency-free edge, bow and cup response thanks to digital signal transmission
  • Compatible with Roland TD-27, TD-50 and TD-50X modules

The Roland V-Drum digital ride cymbal CY-18DR represents the high-end class of realistic e-cymbals on the market. Its size and weight offer you an absolutely authentic vibration behavior and a natural feel. The cymbal processes your strokes via three zones. Its Edge, Bow and Cup zones deliver clearly differentiated signals to your module at every position. The cymbal can be played 360° over the entire surface and can be choked with the hand. This is passed on to your module so realistically, latency-free and high-resolution that you can hear every nuance. Its soft rubber rim gives your stick impact a smooth, comfortable rebound and reduces impact noise to a minimum. This e-cymbal allows you to drum precisely and expressively with very delicate reproduction of your style. Due to the special digital trigger output and the necessary processing power, the Digital Ride Cymbal is only compatible with the Roland modules TD-27, TD-50 and TD-50X.


  • Precise reproduction of your drumming
  • Realistic gameplay
  • Soft rubber edge
  • Authentic ride cymbal size
  • 360° playable and chokeable
  • High dynamic range and latency-free sensitive touch response
  • 3 trigger zones for Edge, Bow and Cup
  • Compatible with Roland e-drum modules with digital trigger (TD-27, TD-50 and TD-50X)

Technische Daten:

  • Größe: 18"
  • Farbe: black
  • Trigger input: Digital Trigger
  • Weight: 2,1 kg

Scope of delivery:

  • 18“ Cymbal
Trigger zones: Triple Zone
Type: Ride
Size in inch: 18
Farbe: Schwarz

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