Roland CY-12C Crash Cymbal - white bottom (used)

Roland CY-12C V-Drums Cymbal Pad
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Roland CY-12C Crash Cymbal 12“ (used)

++ E-Cymbal with white bottom ++

  • Crash cymbal sized e-cymbal with natural feel and authentic swinging behavior
  • Dynamic and high-resolution 2-zone triggering with bow and edge triggering capability
  • Chokeable
  • Heavy and very stable cymbal with the vibration behavior of a metal cymbal
  • With special edge rubber for quiet and yet authentic edge touch
  • Best edge and bow response
  • Works with all Roland modules and e.g. the Pearl Mimic
  • Black top, white bottom

The Roland V-Drums Crash Cymbal CY-12C with its size and weight offers a very authentic swinging behavior and a natural feel. It is compatible with any Roland drum module. The cymbal processes your strokes via two zones. It gives corresponding signals to your module with its Edge and Bow area. You can mute it with your hand. Its soft rubber edge reduces the impact noise to a minimum. It answers your sticks impact with a soft, comfortable rebound.


  • Very good playability
  • Soft rubber edge
  • Authentic crash cymbal size
  • Chokeable
  • High dynamic range and sensitive velocity response
  • 2 trigger zones for Edge and Bow
  • Compatible with all Roland e-drum modules and others like the Pearl Mimic

Technical specifications:

  • Size: 12"
  • Colour: black top, white bottom
  • Trigger input: 1 x 6.3 mm jack socket
  • Weight: 0,9 kg

Scope of Delivery:

  • 12“ Cymbal
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