Pop-Rock SECRETS Sound Edition Roland TD-30 [Download]

Pop-Rock SECRETS Sound Edition Roland TD-30
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Pop/Rock SECRETS Sound Edition Custom kits for your Roland TD-30

A pre-created drum-tec customer account is required to download the Sound Edition.

30 Custom Kits - Modelled After Pop/Rock Classics

  • Kits & Songs: Legendary kits meet popular songs
  • Pop & Rock sounds: Check the video above to see precisely what to expect!
  • Start immediately: Pick and load a kit, put on your headphones and you're good to go:
    The Pop/Rock SECRETS Sound Edition is easy to install and will blow you away!

Don't just take our word for it: Our video shows exactly what to expect!
(Tip: Use your e-drums headphones when watching the video)

All Kits Demo:

Why buy a drum-tec Sound Edition?

drum-tec Sound Editions are more than just a random number of custom kits. You benefit directly from the know how of our programmers. Over the years our e-drums experts have accumulated an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience as professional drummers . They know your module down to the smallest detail and know how to tease out and control even the most obsucre features, hidden in the underbelly of your module to create stunning kits.

Enjoy playing

Make your TD-30 sound better than ever before:
We modeled all kits with care and attention to detail to make your Roland TD-30 sound amazing! To achieve maximum sound quality we use the option to store user kits in the module and exploit all possibilities of sound editing so that you get custom kits that level up your sound.

Here's how it works:



    Log in to your drum-tec account and instantly download your Sound Edition.



    Easy to install, thanks to the manual included with your download.



    Let's go: Enjoy your amazing new sounds!

What's different?

Let's be honest: Anyone can drown the stock sounds in effects to make a kit sound big and impressive when you first hear it.
But you can't play dynamically with a kit that's maxed out on all fronts. And your ear tires fast from too much bass, treble and effects.
When a kit is too fat your nuanced playing is suffocated by a muddy mess.
That's a recipe for boredom, discouragement and even a risk to your health.

You deserve superb drums!

Maybe you have the experience to create astonishing kits, but do you have the patience? We have both:
Our Sound Editions supply you with expertly crafted kits that are built from the ground up. All sounds are carefully balanced against each other and perfected for maximum performance. You will love the result!

Profit from our experience:

We follow our own recipe and our kits become more than just the sum of their parts.
Sounds a little too good to be true? Don't just take our word for it, make up your own mind:
Our video demos the unedited truth of what to expect – nothing is masked by backing tracks!

We want you to play e-drums you'll love!

We're creating kits, so you can focus on playing the drums. Building amazing kits is hard work and takes a lot of patience and experience.
Luckily, you don't have to worry about that!
This Sound Edition is easy to use and makes your Roland TD-30 fun.
Not sure? Watch the demo!
Enjoy the best sounds and the entire dynamic range of your module, without going through the nerve-racking process of custom kit creation.

Custom Kit List of the drum-tec Pop/Rock SECRETS Sound Edition for the Roland TD-30:

  1. Tama STAR'n'B
  2. GMS Fonky-Diva
  3. AYOTTE DeLaBossa
  4. Ain't no Chaka
  5. Jeff .. pls. hold the line
  6. AC is back'n'black in DC
  7. Majestic Bonzo
  8. Sexy Rogers
  9. Gretsch Latin'A
  10. THE AIR is in tonight-No.1
  11. THE AIR is in tonight-No.2
  12. 69 Summer long
  13. SJC Custom vs. Electro
  14. In Love with Percussion
  15. Yamaha HIP GIG
  16. Pearl vs. Simmons
  17. Sonor SQ2 POP Legend
  18. 2 spinning princes
  19. Rose Anna
  20. Kathy's Sunshine Walk
  21. 80th Celebration Kit
  22. Brunos UpFunking Kit
  23. R'n'B Dancemachine
  24. E-Man in New York No.1
  25. E-Man in New York No.2
  26. Will I surf 5?
  27. Helene is breathless
  28. Robbie's Angel
  29. Roland Groove Factory
  30. Ride of the Valerie

It's as easy as...

  • Download the Sound Edition (There's a manual included in the download)
  • Backup your own sounds/kits!
  • Load your favorite kits
  • Play amazing kits

Your Roland TD-30 can only read the Sound Edition when the folder Roland is in the root directory (the first level) of your SD card.

How to load the Sound Edition

Also included with the download is the kit list and a PDF manual!

This Sound Edition only works with the Roland TD-30 sound module.

The Pop/Rock SECRETS TD-30 Sound Edition contains modified kits based on the earlier Top40 (out of stock).

Module: TD-30

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27 Jun 2024

Really cool

Excellent Job. Drum Tec really nails these kits. Best of all. Have an awesome day!

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