drum-tec groovebar short for 8" - 12" Toms

drum-tec groovebar short für 8" - 12" Toms
drum-tec groovebar short für 8" - 12" Toms
drum-tec groovebar short für 8" - 12" Toms
drum-tec groovebar short für 8" - 12" Toms
drum-tec groovebar short für 8" - 12" Toms
drum-tec groovebar short für 8" - 12" Toms
drum-tec groovebar short für 8" - 12" Toms
drum-tec groovebar short für 8" - 12" Toms
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drum-tec groovebar short

New updated Version! Now compatibel with all screws up to M5 thread.

  • Retrofittable trigger system "All in one" - invisible on the outside.
  • No drilling into the shell - just attach it, done!
  • Perfect reproduction of head and rim strokes on drum module
  • The look of your drum kit remains "acoustic"
  • Fits in any shell of all manufacturers (shoring as edge trigger) - also perfect for bass drums!
  • For mid-trigger installation on 8" - 12" drums
  • Compatible with many modules
  • Playable with mesh head and regular drum heads

Scope of delivery

  • drum-tec groovebar
  • 40cm connection cable with 6,3 mm jack socket
  • Assembling tools
  • Digital manual (QR-Code)

Turn your Acoustic Drum into an E-Drum or Hybrid Kit!

With the drum-tec groovebar your drum set becomes a high-quality E-Drum. You don't need a new kit. You can upgrade your favorite acoustic kit with the unlimited possibilities of an E-Drum in just a few steps. You can then play it as an E-Drum, use it as a Hybrid Set and play it again as a purely acoustic set at any time without having to remove the trigger section.

What does the groovebar do?

The groovebar is a trigger unit that can be mounted in the shell. It captures your drumming on your kit finely and precisely. You only need one groovebar for each acoustic shell. You can use it for your snare, your bass drum and in the rack toms and floor toms of your set. In each groovebar, a rim trigger and the head trigger electronically pass on the detected signals. A drum module can use this to reproduce your individual performance in a realistic and natural way.

What makes the groovebar so special?

It is the sum of first-class trigger performance, flexible application, lightweight and stable aluminum construction, easy installation and solid manufacturing made in Germany, which makes the groovebar a high-quality system.

The look of your drum set remains acoustic

You play a vintage drum kit in top condition? You like the look of your noble premium kit? You want understatement in the look of your kit, but full surprise for the audience when you play it? You want acoustic look with high end sound? That's the reason why we developed this system. It is invisible from the outside. Only a small cable leads out of the air hole on the side of the shell.

Instantly playable built-in system

The drum-tec built-in system is perfect for upgrading an acoustic drum. You don't have to attach anything to the outside of the shell, you don't have to drill a hole, solder anything, or change any of the look. Your drum set will remain visually as it is. The built-in bar is easily mounted on the inner screws of the existing brackets.

  • groovebar long: Rim trigger for all sizes, mid trigger for 13" - 16"
  • groovebar short: Rim trigger for all sizes, mid trigger for 8" - 12"
  • groovebar snare: Mid trigger/rim trigger for snares from 13" - 14"
  • groovebar kick: Rim trigger for bass drum of all sizes

Your sound potential will hit the ceiling!

Great snare drums, like a Ludwig Supraphonic, a Sonor Signature or a Gretsch, sound unique and just right for an individual sound. But how many of these snare drums do you own? With the groovebar and a decent module, you can play all of these sounds. Instantly, by pressing a button and without limits. The drum-tec groovebar ensures that your performance is recognized in all its subtleties and the module brings to life all the nuances of the snare sound of your choice.

Can be played with both Drum Heads and Mesh Heads!

The groovebar is perfect for use with conventional Heads and with E-Drum Mesh Heads. You can still play your acoustic set as what it is. The built-in bar works just as well with conventional heads as it does with the Mesh Heads of E-Drums. It's your choice whether you play a quiet E-Drum with Mesh Heads and acoustic look, or keep the natural sound and enrich it with the module sound. The real sound of your Drum Heads is also only minimally muffled by the cone of the Head Trigger on the underside.

Built-in system with positional sensing

You can place the bar in the center of the shell or in the area between the center and the side of the shell. This is done simply by choosing the brackets to which you attach the bar. If you choose opposite brackets, the head trigger will be under the center of the head. With this arrangement, the system also gives you a positional sensing that can be detected and implemented by suitably equipped E-Drum modules.

Trigger set without hot spot

If you choose to mount the bar on two brackets that are not directly opposite each other, you will have the head trigger under the lateral surface next to the center of the Mesh Head. This prevents a hot spot directly in the center of the Head, which is where you will be playing most of the time.

Versatile built-in system for many years of enjoyment

The system is particularly suitable for installation in high-quality acoustic drums. You have a real vintage drum? You don't want to destroy the look of your precious and expensive drum kit and don't want to drill holes in the shells? You want endless sound possibilities for your vintage acoustic set? You want to preserve the value of your precious set? And someday you'll buy a new expensive acoustic set and want to use the E-Drum technology of the old hybrid drum kit there? You can remove the groovebar just as easily as you installed it. No damage to the shell is left behind and the bar can be remounted as often as you like.

If you fall in love with another shell set, you can easily install your groovebar into the new shells. This gives you unlimited possibilities for how your future setup can look on stage. In combination with the endless possibilities for sounds from a variety of modules that the bar is compatible with, no wishes are left unattained, both visually and acoustically. The system works with most modules on the market. It works perfectly with every Roland module from TD-3 to TD-17, TD-27 to TD-50 and TD-50X. It fits the Mimic Pro module by Pearl, the Roland Octapads and Multipads, the ATV modules aD5 and xD3, all modules by EFNOTE and many more E-Drum modules.

Solid and light - and Handmade in Germany

The groovebar is very stable and torsion-free, but at the same time really lightweight. The high-quality aluminum of the bar ensures that, unlike other built-in triggers, the weight of your drums does not increase noticeably. The triggers consist of a foam cone and a piezo for the head trigger and an underlying rim trigger piezo.

Trigger zones: Dual Zone
Type: Trigger bar

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