Roland RT-MicS Elektro Acoustic Drum Trigger

Roland RT-MicS Elektro Acoustic Drum Trigger
Roland RT-MicS Elektro Acoustic Drum Trigger
Roland RT-MicS Elektro Acoustic Drum Trigger
Roland RT-MicS Elektro Acoustic Drum Trigger
Roland RT-MicS Elektro Acoustic Drum Trigger
Roland RT-MicS Elektro Acoustic Drum Trigger
Roland RT-MicS Elektro Acoustic Drum Trigger
Roland RT-MicS Elektro Acoustic Drum Trigger
Roland RT-MicS Elektro Acoustic Drum Trigger
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Roland RT-MicS - Dual Zone - Hybrid Trigger Drum Microphone

Convert Your Snare and Toms into Digital Pads for Bold Hybrid Performance. If your gigs demand more than your acoustic drums can deliver, the RT-MicS is the gateway to an inspiring new world of hybrid sounds. And if you're daunted by the prospect of a hybrid setup, rest assured that it's simple to incorporate this compact module into your acoustic kit -- with no extra gear -- transform your snare and tom into versatile digital pads. The RT-MicS has eight preloaded sounds -- from hand-clap to snare variation -- that you'll be using confidently within minutes. But for ambitious drummers, that's just the start: you could import sampled sounds from a computer via USB, use the onboard mic to capture and process the acoustic snare/tom sound, or even mix acoustic and digital sounds for a bold signature tone. Whatever your ideas, the RT-MicS is the fastest way to explore the exciting possibilities of hybrid drums.

  • Drum trigger, sound source, mic and mixer integrated into a single compact unit
  • User samples can be imported via USB
  • 8 preloaded sounds including hand-clap and snare variations
  • Piezo pickup and mic-equipped for triggering electronic sounds and capturing acoustic sounds
  • Separate outputs for electronic sounds (via piezo pickup) and acoustic sounds (via mic)
  • Electronic output can be used as mix output for both electronic and mic sounds
  • Battery operation (006P/9V) ideal for street performance
  • Easy to set up, simple to operate
  • Download free RT-MicS Wave Sender (PC/Mac) for transferring user samples to unit

Roland RT-MicS will Layer Acoustic and Digital Sounds on Your Snare and Toms

Nobody wants to sound like every other drummer on the scene, and the RT-MicS makes it easy to layer sounds for head-turning snare and tom performance. It's simple to trigger the eight preloaded sounds - just hit the drum with the RT-MicS attached and your chosen electronic sound will be played simultaneously. But layering sounds is where it gets interesting, with one hit giving you both a sample-based sound and a raw acoustic sound. Perhaps you'll choose to enhance your snare, mixing that familiar acoustic crack with a complementary snare sound from the RT-MicS. Or maybe you'll layer a tambourine onto the snare drum for a soulful backbeat.

Import Your Original Sampled Sounds for a Truly Memorable Performance with your Roland RT-MicS

When you've got a killer drum sound in mind, the RT-MicS is the fastest way to include it in your performance. First, download the free RT-MicS Sender software for transferring your original sample data to the unit. Then, import up to eight sounds (10 seconds max) via USB and get creative. You could mix your acoustic snare and toms with sound effects, or layer them with other instruments that you can't bring to the gig, like gongs and timpani. Alternatively, to save precious setup time, you could import tambourine or shaker sounds (no mics needed) and trigger them by striking your drums. For extra flexibility, you can even set the RT-MicS Sender software so that imported sounds are only triggered when you hit the rim.

Roland RT-MicS customises your Snare and Toms with Onboard Mic

You love your trusty snare and toms -- but imagine if you could take that raw sound and push it even further. The RT-MicS makes it easy, attaching to the rim of your acoustic drums and recording their sound with the onboard mic (no external gear needed). Having captured the original acoustic tone, it's time to go deeper -- processing, customising or adding external effects like delay and compressor. Within just a few minutes, you could have a unique drum sound unlike anyone else on the circuit.

Roland RT-MicS offers Hassle-Free Live Performance with Flexible Outputs

As a gigging drummer, you need flexible gear that can adapt as your circumstances change. The RT-MicS puts you in charge, with open-ended output options that support live performance in every type of venue. You could output the electronic sound and captured snare/tom sound separately, or mix them both together for the prefect blend. Both volume levels are adjustable for fast balancing during performance, while the electronic sound is muted by simply holding down the large tone select button.

Fast Set Up, Simple Operation, Powerful Performance Roland RT-MicS

Some players are wary of embracing hybrid drumming, thinking that it's unfamiliar and complicated which could lead to lengthy setups at the venue. The RT-MicS is a simple and intuitive entry point into this fascinating world. It couldn't be simpler to attach the unit onto the rim of your snare or tom -- no additional tools required -- then adjust sensitivity and threshold levels using the no-nonsense threshold dial. The speedy setup ensures you won't miss a beat when you arrive late to the venue, while optional battery operation means you can take your mind-blowing hybrid sounds to the street.

Technical details to the Roland RT-MicS

  • Preload sounds: 8
  • User Sample Number of User Sample: 8
  • Sound Length: 10 seconds/Sample
  • Data Format: Windows WAV (44.1 kHz, 16/24 bits), Mac OS X, WAV AIFF MP3 AAC Apple Lossless
  • * Roland's software "RT-MicS Wave Sender" is necessary.
  • Display: 7 segments, 1 character (LED)
  • Controls: Top Panel [Sound] button, Side Panel [MIX/ELEC] switch, [MIC VOLUME] dial, [ELECTRONIC VOLUME] dial, [POWER] switch
  • Indicator: Trigger Indicator Ring
  • Connectors: MIC OUTPUT jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type, MIX/ELEC OUTPUT jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type, Micro USB port: USB Micro-B type
  • DC IN jack, Power Supply Alkaline battery (9 V, 6LR61), AC adaptor (sold separately)
  • Expected battery life under continuous use: Approx. 2 hours * This can vary depending on the specifications of the batteries, capacity of the batteries, and the conditions of use.
  • Current Draw: 100 mA (DC IN)

Accessories Roland RT-MicS:

  • Alkaline battery (9V, 6LR61)
  • Owner's Manual
  • Snare protective rubber
  • Options (sold separately)
  • AC adaptor (PSA-S series)
  • Micro USB cable
  • Guide for Installation

Size and Weight Roland RT-MicS:

  • Rim Height (Max.): 13 mm, 9/16 inches
  • Width 50 mm 2 inches
  • Depth 158 mm 6-1/4 inches
  • Height 162 mm 6-7/16 inches
  • Weight (including battery) 400 g 14 oz
Type: Rim trigger
Netzsteckertyp: CEE 7/16 Eurostecker

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