EFNOTE PRO available now!

With the introduction of the PRO 500 and PRO 700 series, EFNOTE has taken E-Drums to a whole new level. These electronic drum sets are not just your typical E-Drums; they come with their own stage box for seamless integration in live performances. Featuring 12 individual balanced XLR outputs and a stereo sum, these sets offer the ultimate plug-and-play experience. The rugged stage box is designed to withstand the rigors of the road, serving as a solid connection between the drums and the P.A. system. With seven drum pads, including snare with side rim, and a variety of cymbal pads, including hi-hat, these sets offer limitless possibilities. Plus, there's a powerful headphone output for added convenience.

Versatility Meets Quality - Choose Your Ideal EFNOTE PRO Setup

EFNOTE offers the PRO series in two lines: the 500 series and the 700 series. The 500 series features a 16 x 12" kick drum pad, a 12 x 5" snare, and basic tom pads. In contrast, the 700 series boasts a 20 x 15" kick drum, a 14 x 5.5" snare, and larger tom pads. Both series provide various configurations, ranging from 3-piece to 7-piece shell sets, and an expanding range of cymbal pads and hardware options. Whether you're looking for a compact cocktail kit or a complete drum set, EFNOTE has you covered.

EFNOTE PRO Sound Module - the First E-Drum Module with Its Own Stage Box

The heart of these E-Drum sets is the EFNOTE PRO module, which offers an impressive array of drum kits and cymbal collections. You have access to 23 editable factory kits and 100 user kit storage spaces for your unique combinations. Customize your sounds with options for tuning, damping, and EQ. The module also features a high-definition, high-brightness color touchscreen for effortless kit changes, while additional features like EQ, compressor, pitch, damping adjustments, and more, make this module a dream come true for drummers. For live performances, you can easily connect to a P.A. system, and for practice sessions, the One Touch Recording & Playback feature with USB flash memory storage is available.

The EFNOTE PRO series not only sounds great but looks elegant with its authentic acoustic design, real wood shells, and premium craftsmanship. The precise trigger technology in the drums ensures exceptional sensitivity and response, and the cymbal pads allow complete freedom of play with 360° access and choke sensors. With EFNOTE PRO E-Drum Sets, your live performances will never be the same.

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