drum-tec expands its hardware and pedal lineup

drum-tec expands its hardware and pedal lineup with a new class.

Introducing the Elementary Series, we now offer precisely running and cleanly crafted kick pedals and hi-hat machines in the elevated entry-level segment.

The single and double bass drum pedals with Silversand powder-coated footboards stand out with practical features and functional adjustment options that can be tailored to the individual needs of each drummer.

In addition to the complete, ready-to-play single and double kick pedals, optionally available with chain or direct drive, and two hi-hat machines in 3- and 2-leg configurations, a small but meaningful selection of replacement parts completes the Elementary range.

The lineup includes several beaters and three interchangeable kick pedal drives with chain, direct drive, and strap, which are universally compatible with both the drum-tec Elementary Series and many other foot machines.

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