drum-tec Top 3 - The best high-end e-drums for drum nerds

If you're looking for the best high-end E-drum kits for drum enthusiasts, you've come to the right place. In this article, we present the top three high-end E-drum sets. These sets stand out for their advanced technology and impressive functionality, making them the perfect choice for discerning drummers. Our goal is to provide you with all the relevant information so you can make an informed decision.

drum-tec Tip 1: drum-tec pro 3 with Pearl Mimic Pro

drum-tec pro 3 E-Drum Set

The drum-tec pro 3 E-Drum Pad Series sets new standards in the high-end segment of E-drums in terms of compatibility, authentic playing feel, product range size (colors and pad sizes), and sound volume. Thanks to the built-in technology, the drum-tec pro 3 shell set can be combined with all high-end E-drum modules. Thus, you have the choice between pro 3 sets with Roland TD-50X or TD-27, Pearl Mimic Pro, or a Gewa G9 module.

  • Pearl Mimic Pro module with the best drum sounds on the E-drum market
  • ATV cymbals in authentic sizes and excellent playing quality
  • drum-tec pro shell set with outstanding authentic playing characteristics
  • Concept for authentic playing feel (real feel Pad Concept)
  • Extremely quiet kick pad
  • 3-ply drum-tec mesh heads for optimal rebound
  • High-quality birch wood shells
  • Impressive stage presence
  • Price
  • Hi-hat and snare stands not included
  • Requires a lot of space
  • Bass drum pedal not included

drum-tec Specialist Conclusion:

The pro 3 Series offers the ultimate "High-End Real Feel" - there is no higher level. If you're looking for real high-end playing feel and the most authentic rebound in the E-drum realm, you should definitely experience the pro 3 Series. The kick drum not only looks great but is also one of the quietest kick drums on the market, despite its size. The moment the beater powerfully enters the drum head is simply amazing. The pro 3 snare drum matches the rebound of an acoustic snare drum. Our 3-ply drum-tec real feel mesh heads simply make the difference here.

drum-tec Tip 2: EFNOTE PRO E-Drums


With the PRO Series, EFNOTE sets another milestone in merging premium drum sound with professional usability in the live operation of E-drums. The proven drum and cymbal pads are combined with a new sound module in various equipment variants, ranging from the 500 standard set with 4 pads and 3 cymbals to the 707 Complete Set with 7 pads and 8 cymbals. EFNOTE fulfills all wishes for assembling individual components into complete, ready-to-play electronic drum kits.

The centerpiece of each set is the EFD-PRO sound module. It consists of a control unit designed in line with previous EFNOTE modules and a stage box with well-thought-out and robust connections specially developed for live use. The stage box offers 12 balanced XLR outputs that lead the signal path of individual instruments directly to the front-of-house mixing console. The module delivers EFNOTE's premium acoustic kits, which include elaborately produced multi-layer samples for natural drum sounds in high-end resolution. The sound is pure and simply impressive.

  • With EFNOTE Optical Hi-hat Sensor Technology
  • With USB interface for audio/MIDI recording
  • With Bluetooth functionality
  • 12 direct outputs + L/R line out, ideal for live performances
  • Balanced monitor in R/L
  • A real eye-catcher on the live stage
  • With instrument load-in function and sound modeling
  • Highly responsive touch display
  • Without hi-hat stand
  • Without bass drum pedal
  • Requires a lot of space
  • Simple finish
  • Poplar wood shells

drum-tec Specialist Conclusion:

The flexibility of the EFNOTE module is exactly what the E-drum scene has been waiting for. With balanced direct outputs, 3-zone cymbal-capable inputs, and top-notch sounds that shine especially in jazz and funk, it offers an excellent solution. The playing qualities of the cymbals, especially the hi-hat, are outstanding. This E-drum pad setup is one of the quietest options on the E-drum market and is highly appreciated on live stages. The only criticism we need to mention concerns the lack of tom and kick drum sounds for rock music enthusiasts. In this context, despite numerous modification options, the sounds simply sound too thin and not powerful enough.

drum-tec Tip 3: Roland VAD706 V-Drums Acoustic Design

Roland VAD706 V-Drums Set

The VAD706 takes the experience of electronic drums to a whole new level. It combines Roland's flagship V-Drums technologies with the craftsmanship of a high-quality acoustic drum set. This top-class high-end V-Drums Acoustic Design kit offers digital snare, ride, and hi-hat pads that provide extremely precise playability for the three most versatile instruments of your drum kit. The TD-50X is a next-generation sound module that delivers unparalleled sound, unique playing feel, and outstanding responsiveness. In addition, you can customize your sound with comprehensive editing tools and are well-equipped with professional connectivity options for any performance situation.

  • Roland Prismatic Sound Modeling
  • Includes digital ride, hi-hat, and snare pads
  • With USB interface for audio/MIDI recording
  • Roland cymbal and tom stands included
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Available in 4 different finishes
  • 8 direct outputs for optimal live performances
  • An asset for the live stage
  • Without hi-hat stand
  • Without bass drum pedal
  • Requires a lot of space
  • Very loud kick drum
  • Poplar wood shells

drum-tec Specialist Conclusion:

As the current flagship of the market leader, the VAD706 impresses with state-of-the-art digital pads and the brand-new, particularly thin cymbals. The TD-50X module, a top-class sound generator, offers professional live drummers not only eight separate outputs but also the ability to integrate their own drum samples into the module. However, it's advisable not to use the bass drum in environments where it needs to be really quiet due to its volume.

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