ATV aFrame New Kind of Electro Percussion

ATV aFrame New Kind of Electro Percussion
ATV aFrame New Kind of Electro Percussion
ATV aFrame New Kind of Electro Percussion
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ATV aFrame - Your entry into a new percussion world!

  • Unique e-percussion instrument with groundbreaking sensor technology
  • Completely new playing styles and sound compositions possible
  • The sensors react to touch, pressure and touches such as rubbing on the playing surface, playing on the rim with brushes, etc.

The aFrame is a unique, innovative instrument for percussionists and musicians who are ready to leave familiar paths and experience a completely new dimension in percussion with an electronic pad.

With the sensitive frame and membrane surface, sounds and rhythms can be played that are richer and more varied than you can probably imagine. Describing this in a few words here doesn't begin to do justice to the scope of what this unique instrument can do. What the ATV aFrame can do, you have to hear and see. We therefore recommend clicking on the video links.

The aFrame offers 80 different percussions and just as many multi-effects. The sensitive polycarbonate striking surface and the high-quality wooden frame can be played on the entire surface like an instrument from a thousand and one nights.

You can play the aFrame like a cachon, a djembe, a conga or like a glass harp. All this with your fingers and hands, but also with e.g. brooms and mallets. You can hold it between your thighs like a classic percussion instrument, but it can also be mounted on a stand. The unique shape of the frame gives you a lot of possibilities for performance.

With an optional powerbank, the instrument gives you limitless freedom to make music anywhere. The Micro-SD slot allows you to save your own sounds, and the stereo outputs and 3.5mm headphone jack let you make yourself and your innovative percussion sounds heard in any environment.

The technical specifications of the ATV aFrame:

  • 3.5mm stereo jack headphone output
  • 6.3 mm mono jack outputs (L/R) for connection to powered speakers or mixer
  • DC jack for included power supply
  • USB port for mobile use via optional power bank (not included)
  • MicroSD slot for backups
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 380 x 380 x 44 mm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
Netzsteckertyp: CEE 7/16 Eurostecker

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