Roland SPD-1K Kick Trigger Pad

Roland SPD-1K Kick Trigger Pad
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Roland SPD-1K SPD::One Kick

The Simplest Way to Add Four-on-the-Floor Beats and Kick Drums to Your Performances

The Roland SPD::ONE KICK is a new type of digital percussion pad, one that allows any musician to add genuine kick drum and percussion sounds to their performances. It contains 22 realistic percussion sounds, including kick drums, stomp box, shakers, cowbells, and more, and you can even import your own original audio data into one of the 12 internal sound banks. Once you're ready to go, the SPD::ONE KICK's robust-yet-sensitive pad can be played with sticks, hands, or feet, and trigger threshold settings are easily adjusted with intuitive controls.

Powered by batteries or AC, the portable SPD::ONE KICK can be used on the floor or a tabletop, or mounted to any rig or drum setup with the included adapter. Operation is simple, even for those musicians who are not technical; just by using four knobs on the control panel, you can change the sound, volume, balance, and more. Whether you're a drummer, percussion player, guitarist, DJ, or vocalist, the SPD::ONE KICK is a simple and flexible way to expand your sound palette and invigorate your performances.

  • Light, compact digital percussion pad that can be played with drumsticks, hands, or feet
  • 22 onboard sounds, including genuine kick drum and percussion sounds
  • Import your own WAV data via USB to one of the 12 sound banks
  • Edit and control your sounds easily with just four knobs
  • Runs on batteries (4 x AA) or AC adaptor
  • Main output (mono) and headphones output (stereo) for monitoring
  • USB-MIDI enables use as a pad controller for music software
  • Can be floor or tabletop mounted, or fitted to drum hardware and mic stands using the included mounting adapter
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Customer reviews
18 Sep 2018

Genau das Gerät habe ich gesucht

Ich habe als Akustik-Gitarrist immer mit einer sogenannten Stompbox geliebäugelt. Vom Sound her haben mich aber alle nicht so recht überzeugt. Einige haben sogar Rückkopplungen erzeugt. Dann kam mir dieses Roland-Teil unter den Fuß und ich war begeistert. Den Umgang damit muss man natürlich erst üben, aber das klappt schon sehr gut. Die Sounds sind sehr gut ausgewählt und klingen sehr überzeugend. Insgesamt bin ich absolut begeistert. Wenn ich etwas bemängeln würde, dann wäre es höchstens die kurze Laufzeit im Batteriebetrieb.

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