Zeitgeist ZG CB8-10S Low Noise 10" Splash

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ZEITGEIST CB8 Low Noise 10" Splash: Dynamic Sound at a Quiet Level

  • Premium splash sound for your drum kit
  • Very good dynamic range
  • Impressively quiet yet present

ZEITGEIST ZB8 Low Noise Cymbals offer you an absolutely authentic cymbal sound at reduced volume for an excellent price.

The light red tone of the ZEITGEIST CB8 cymbals indicates a level of quality that is otherwise not found in this price range: the high-quality alloy.

ZEITGEIST CB8 cymbals are made from a bronze alloy containing 92% copper and 8% tin. This composition, known as B8, is typically found in expensive cymbals from major manufacturers.

The advantage for you: the alloy makes the sound of the cymbals stand out clearly from the stamped brass cymbals that are common in this price range.

Zeitgeist CB8 Low Noise Cymbals sound lively and bright, respond immediately, and deliver an authentic cymbal sound in every type and size, from hi-hat and ride to splash and china.

Thanks to the optimized mass of vibration, they always remain in the low-noise volume range. The numerous precise holes across the entire surface ensure they do not resonate undesirably, even with greater impact. This is not only essential for practice, unplugged, and general low-noise requirements, but in this case, it even produces the ideal sustain for the sound.

The sound of the cymbals is created by your individual touch with stick, rod, brush, or hand. The sound of the B8 alloy blends harmoniously into your performance, whether it's jazz, rock, or ambient, in the club, studio, or jam session.

Offering such quality cymbals with excellent raw materials and precise manufacturing is only possible because we have our ZEITGEIST CB8 cymbals exclusively and directly imported from a small and highly specialized cymbal forge in Asia.

Feel free to check the result!


  • 10" Splash
  • Very balanced sound range and direct response
  • 70% volume reduction compared to conventional cymbals
  • Rebound feel of a classic metal cymbal
  • Affordable cymbal for quiet practice, rehearsal rooms, and unplugged gigs

What are Low Volume Cymbals and what can they do?

Low Noise Cymbals offer you the sound characteristics, playing feel, and rebound of classic acoustic cymbals. They are made from the same alloys and materials. However, they sound significantly quieter. This is achieved through countless symmetrically arranged holes in the cymbal body. The reduced mass produces less volume. Low Noise Cymbals are excellent for practicing, jamming, and smaller gigs.

Diameter in inch: 10
Alloy: B8 Bronze
Series: CB8 Low Noise

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