Yamaha DTX-PROX Module and Cymbal Pack

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Yamaha DTX-PROX Module and Cymbal Pack

  • Yamaha DTX-PROX Sound module with high-performance sound engine for authentic sounds
  • Yamaha PCY135 and PYC175 E-Cymbals with natural rebound and great feel
  • Yamaha RHH135 Hi-Hat with performance and feel close to an acoustic Hi-Hat
  • Worldwide exclusive, at no additional cost and only available here at drum-tec: Secure your Yamaha DTX-PROX with 30 additional, unique drum kits in the Live Sound Edition!

The Yamaha DTX-PROX Module and Cymbal Pack offer a powerful combination of the DTX-PROX Sound module and high-quality Yamaha E-Cymbals. The sound module allows versatile sound adjustments and delivers high-quality recordings from top-notch studios. The Yamaha E-Cymbals provide an authentic playing experience and are perfect for drummers seeking the highest sound quality and flexibility.


  • Authentic reproduction of real drum sounds and room characteristics recorded in the world's most renowned studios
  • AMBIENCE, COMP, and EFFECT Kit Modifier controls that allow you to shape your own unique sounds
  • Integrated high-performance headphone amplifier specifically tailored for the natural reproduction of electronic drums
  • LED rotary faders for fast, intuitive, and accurate adjustment of numerous parameters and settings
  • Authentic Hi-Hat Cymbal with 360° playability, choke function, and minimal self-noise
  • High-quality electronic cymbals for 2-zone (Bow, Edge) or 3-zone (Bow, Edge, Cup) use
  • Authentic playing feel with natural swing behavior and optimal playing angle thanks to the rotation stopper

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Yamaha DTX-PROX Sound module
  • 1 x USB stick with drum-tec Live Sound Edition
  • 1 x Yamaha RHH135 Hi-Hat Cymbal
  • 1 x Yamaha PCY135 Crash Cymbal
  • 1 x Yamaha PCY175 Ride Cymbal

Yamaha DTX-PROX Sound module

The Yamaha DTX-PROX Sound Module is a top-of-the-line drum module that inspires user creativity. It offers high-quality, authentic drum sound samples recorded in renowned studios and allows users to effortlessly customize these sounds to their individual requirements. The module features KIT MODIFIER knobs for dramatic sound adjustments, LED rotary faders for intuitive tweaks, and an integrated high-performance headphone amplifier. With individual outputs, an AUX-IN connection, and flexible routing options, the DTX-PROX is versatile in application. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity for wireless playing and recording.

The drum kits available in the DTX-PROX were recorded in world-famous studios, providing an authentic reproduction of drum sounds and room ambience. The module allows for fine-tuning the room ambience and reverb effect of a drum kit. The KIT MODIFIER knobs offer a wide range of tonal possibilities, and the LED rotary faders enable quick parameter adjustments. The DTX-PROX module offers versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth connection, USB interface, and individual audio outputs.

The module also features a powerful headphone amplifier optimized for the drummer's sound quality. It provides extensive practice and training functions, as well as an app, Rec'n'Share, for recording and editing drum performances. This module offers various ways to support drummers in their playing and creativity.

30 Exclusive Drum Kits - the drum-tec Live Sound Edition for your Yamaha DTX-PROX

With the Live Sound Edition, we bring out the best for you from a sound module. The edition consists of complete and instantly accessible kits and drum sounds. These perfectly tuned and vibrant drum sounds from our development studios are optimized for live gigs. They also sound exceptional in recording applications.

30 times maximum sound from your module

We extract the maximum sound, spatiality, and atmosphere from the individual sounds and samples of the module. From these, we create 30 complete ready-to-play kits that are immediately accessible to you.

Exclusive and at no additional cost - only at drum-tec

You can only get the Live Sound Edition from drum-tec and only in conjunction with the purchase of a new E-Drum module. It is not available anywhere else and not available separately. Plus, you get your Live Sound Edition at no extra cost with your module. This is only available at drum-tec.

Yamaha RHH135 Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad

The Yamaha RHH135 Hi-Hat Cymbal with a 13" diameter provides an authentic Hi-Hat cymbal experience with high-resolution triggering for dynamic play. With 360° playability and a choke function, it offers a natural feel. This cymbal from the Yamaha Cymbal upper class is ideal for Yamaha modules and has low self-noise and a robust rubber coating for a high-quality playing experience.

Yamaha E-Cymbal Pads PCY135 und PCY175

The Yamaha Cymbal series represents the upper class of electronic cymbals for E-Drums. It includes models like PCY135, PCY155, and PCY175 in sizes of 13", 15", and 17". These cymbals offer versatile application possibilities and can be used with a variety of sound modules, including Yamaha, 2Box, and the Pearl Mimic Pro.

The cymbals in this series can be operated as 3-zone cymbals for Edge, Bow, and Cup with selected modules, allowing for faithful reproduction of playing style. For other modules, they are ideal as 2-zone cymbals, especially as crash cymbals. Their size corresponds to that of acoustic cymbals, providing a natural playing feel and making it easier for acoustic drummers to transition to E-Drums.

With a high dynamic range on Edge, Bow, and Cup, these cymbals can serve as 3-zone crash and ride cymbals and transmit detailed signals. Furthermore, as 2-zone cymbals, they offer the possibility to integrate various sound effects such as splash, china, or FX signals. The natural playing feel extends across the entire surface of the cymbal, allowing for playing on the edge or the bell. A rotation stopper ensures that the cymbal is always aligned at the optimal angle for playing.

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