Roland VAD706-GE Shell Set (gloss ebony)

Roland VAD706-GE Shell Set (gloss ebony)
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Roland VAD706 Gloss Ebony Shell Set: V-Drums Acoustic Design with lacquered full-size wooden shells

  • 4-piece Shell Set: 22" Kick Drum, 14“ Floor Tom, 12“ + 10“ Tom – the playground for your performance!
  • Tom pads with high-end sensors: three side triggers in each tom reproduce your performance authentically
  • Kick drum with real feel: sensitive pad with enough space for your double pedal machine
  • Full Size Acoustic Look: the shells are indistinguishable from acoustic drums
  • First-class finish: kick drum and toms in noble high-gloss finish with custom chrome fittings

The VAD series shows the top class of pads by E-Drum pioneer Roland. The Pads offer state-of-the art triggering, packed in true acoustic look. The shells are made of high-quality components and deliver an authentic reproduction of your performance.Features:


  • Tom pads with head and rim zone, mesh head as percussion head and reso mesh head on the underside
  • 3-side trigger technology in the toms - thus no hot spot in the center
  • Stable kick drum with robust and sensitive trigger technology
  • Rim rubbers for noise damping and quiet intrinsic sounds
  • Lacquered real wood shells
  • High quality tension hoops and chrome plated fittings
  • Authentic shell dimensions in diameter and shell depth

Scope of delivery of the VAD706 Gloss Ebony 4-piece shell set:

  • 1 x Roland KD-222-GE Kick Drum
  • 1 x Roland PDA-140F-GE Floor Tom
  • 1 x Roland PDA-120-GE Tom
  • 1 x Roland PDA-100-GE Tom

V-Drums Tom Pads with high quality trigger system

Three side triggers operate in the shells of Roland VAD tom pads. They form a system that avoids a "hot spot" in the middle of the hitting surface. The three triggers are located very far from the edge. Since this area is usually played less, the chance for a hot-spot hit is lower than for systems with center triggers. A "hot spot" is the small area directly above a trigger that, when hit hard, gives an overdriven signal to the drum module. In the module this leads to distortions in the dynamic bandwidth and in the headphones you will get an unpleasantly loud signal. With the side triggers, the hot-spot hit rate is much smaller.

The side trigger system gives you consistent sensitivity across the entire playing area. This results in an extremely natural reproduction of your playing dynamics. No matter what you play on the 2-layer Mesh Head or on the Rim of the Dual Zone Pad - it will be faithfully passed on to your module.

E-Kick-Drum with realistic feel of an acoustic bass drum

With the KD-222 Kick Drum, Roland offers an electronic kick pad in the guise of a conventional bass drum. The full-size real wood shell with gloss ebony lacquered finish and custom chrome hardware is covered with a bright front head and gives the impression of a conventional acoustic bass drum.

On the batter side, a sensitive trigger system works unnoticed by the audience at the gig. The pad with a fabric-foam-rubber coating has a sufficiently dimensioned playing surface, which is also large enough for the mallets of your double pedal.

The trigger technology precisely captures each of your kicks and relays the signal to your drum module for authentic sound reproduction.

Roland VAD - Sophisticated look in acoustic design

VAD series shells are visually indistinguishable from acoustic drums. They are high quality veneered and lacquered and have all the details of conventional shells. Authentic shell dimensions with a Reso Mesh Head on the bottom, premium chrome tension hoops and classy hardware give you the perfect appearance of an acoustic drum. And even inside the shells are made true to the original. This is because the shells are made of multi-layered instrument wood, which is also used for acoustic drums.

Acoustic Design: Yes
Finish: Gloss Ebony
Series: VAD
Type: Bundle

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