NUX DM-7X sound module

NUX DM-7X Soundmodul
NUX DM-7X Soundmodul
NUX DM-7X Soundmodul
NUX DM-7X Soundmodul
NUX DM-7X Soundmodul
NUX DM-7X Soundmodul
NUX DM-7X Soundmodul
NUX DM-7X Soundmodul
NUX DM-7X Soundmodul
NUX DM-7X Soundmodul
NUX DM-7X Soundmodul
NUX DM-7X Soundmodul
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NUX DM-7X: Versatile e-drum module for beginners

  • Compatible with many dual-trigger e-drum pads
  • With accurately sampled drum sounds made by experienced producers
  • Versatile integration into your home recording via USB and MIDI
  • Extensive practice functions support you when practicing
  • Favorite tracks from your smartphone can be mixed in via Bluetooth

The NUX DM-7X represents a serious entry into the world of E-Drums. It is compatible with common E-Drum pads with dual zone trigger and combines your live playing with your home recording.

With properly sampled sounds, the small module generates 30 different drum kits for every style of music. If you want more, you can edit another 18 of your own kits individually.

The module is suitable for live gigs and it offers useful practice tools such as metronome and demo songs that you can practice to. For home recording it is a versatile interface between your playing and the tracks in the recording.

In the design, the DM-7X is reminiscent to the legendary TD-25 series by E-Drum pioneers Roland.


  • Compact and intuitive sound module with graphical display
  • Inputs for bass drum, snare, 4 x tom, 3 x cymbal, hi-hat cymbal and hi-hat controller
  • USB and MIDI connection for integration into your home recording setup
  • Large own sound library - expandable with external VST software such as EZDrummer

Scope of delivery of the DM-7X sound module

  • DM-7X Soundmodul
  • AC power adapter with Euro plug
  • Multicore

Compact drum module with useful features

The compact and practical design, a clearly arranged display and the intuitive menu navigation of the module are convincing right away. "Plug'n'play" without further ado is possible. In addition to its good drum sounds, the module offers some extras that can be interesting especially for those drummers who are still on the road to perfection or simply have fun accompanying their role models.

The NUX offers a number of custom demo songs for you to practice to. A metronome helps you to perfect your timing. The module has a recording function. You can record yourself and then listen to which of your grooves, fills and rolls you can get better at. Via the aux input or via Bluetooth you can mix your favorite music, e.g. from your smartphone, into the drum sound and drum to your favorite tracks. Convenient: the Bluetooth function is always activated, you can select it directly from your smartphone.

Properly sampled sounds from an experienced provider

The sound library provides 30 properly sampled drum sets for every style of music. In addition, you can edit 18 individual drum kits of your own. For your creativity, overdrive, compressor, reverb and tune are available as directly controllable effects. The Asian manufacturer NUX is an accomplished player in the field of sound modeling. You can hear the experience and care with which the samples for the NUX drum kits are produced. This was the deciding factor for us at drum-tec to include NUX E-Drums in our range.

Great for live and home recording

The module can be integrated into your recording equipment via USB and Midi. It works as a midi interface together with e.g. the software EZDrummer. You can play your drum tracks on the pads and edit the tracks in your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) afterwards.

General-purpose module in the entry-level range

The NUX DM-7X is a great choice if you want to build an entry-level set yourself and are looking for a suitable centerpiece for your e-drum kit.

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