Meinl Big Apple Swing drum sticks (Hickory, Acorn Tip)


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Meinl SB112 Big Apple Swing Drumsticks (Hickory, Acorn Tip)

++ Made in Germany ++

NEW Meinl Drumsticks - Made in Germany - the drum sticks made of American Hickory material undergo a consistent quality control in terms of sound and weight. Thus Meinl guarantees top quality in the field of drum sticks and helps the drummer to find his perfect pair of sticks in the long run. The assortment is large and offers many stick alternatives for different musical styles.

The most common sizes are available in different configurations such as: Standard, Standard Long Hybrid and Heavy.

Weight in g: 55
Diameter in mm: 15,2
Length in mm: 406
Material: Hickory
Tip: Acorn
Type: Sonstige

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Customer reviews
24 Feb 2021


I bought these as I liked the idea of a ‘thicker’ drumstick but without too much weight to practice/play my snare drum (rudiments/chops). These suit me perfectly and the balance etc is just great. I highly recommend them.

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