ATV EXS Shell Set

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ATV EXS Shellset

  • Natural playing dynamics with Dual-Zone Pads
  • Innovative side-trigger technology for precise performance without a center hotspot
  • Quiet operation due to Rim-Gum rubber noise dampening
  • Compact design for versatile drum setups

The EXS Shellset includes the ATV xD-P10M and xD-P13M Dual-Zone Mesh Head Snare/Tom Pads, as well as the ATV xD-K13 Kick Drum Pad. These pads offer natural playing dynamics and stand out with their flat design. They are compatible with a variety of modules and are ideal for versatile drum setups.


  • 2-zone Snare/Tom Pads with Head and Rim zones
  • Side-trigger system without a center hotspot
  • Rim-Gum rubber for noise dampening - quiet operation
  • Flat pad - space-saving for transport
  • T-Style mount - suitable for Roland, drum-tec, Tama, and more
  • Compatible with many modules

Package includes:

  • 2x ATV xD-P10 10" Tom/Snare Drum Pad
  • 2x ATV xD-P13 13" Tom/Snare Drum Pad
  • 1x ATV xD-K13 13" Kick Drum Pad

Delivery does not include cables.

ATV xD-P10M and ATV xD-P13M Tom/Snare Drum Pads

The ATV xD-P10 and xD-P13M Mesh Head Snare/Tom Pads are equipped with premium trigger technology to provide natural playing dynamics. These Dual-Zone Pads feature Head and Rim trigger zones supported by a 2-layer ATV Mesh Head. The pads are characterized by their practical design and quiet operation. They are compatible with various drum modules. An innovative side-trigger system eliminates "hotspot" issues and ensures accurate performance reproduction.

Both pads belong to the ATV EXS series, known for its outstanding side-trigger technology. This enables an authentic playing experience both on the drum surface and on the rim. The Dual-Zone Pads, combined with the 2-layer ATV Mesh Heads, offer versatile playability. The pads are functionally designed and stand out with their flat construction, making them transport-friendly. They are compatible with a wide range of drum modules, including renowned brands like Roland, Pearl Mimic, Alesis, and 2Box. This makes them excellent for versatile and expressive drum setups.

ATV xD-K13 Kick Drum Pad

The ATV xD-K13 is a 13" Mesh Head Kick Drum Pad featuring premium trigger technology for natural playing dynamics. It comes with a 2-layer ATV Mesh Head and a flat design for convenient transport. The bass drum is also equipped with a Mesh Head, providing quiet operation and adjustable tension for desired rebound. Compatible with various modules, the xD-K13 offers optimal conditions for versatile performances. The ATV series EXS Pads are compatible with different drum modules and offer high functionality thanks to the Dual Triggering of the Snare Drum and impressive Tom sounds

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