Yamaha PCY155 E-Drum Cymbal Pad

Yamaha PCY155 E-Drum Cymbal Pad
Yamaha PCY155 E-Drum Cymbal Pad
Yamaha PCY155 E-Drum Cymbal Pad
Yamaha PCY155 E-Drum Cymbal Pad
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Yamaha PCY155 Crash Cymbal 15"

  • True Crash cymbal size with natural feel
  • Dynamic and very high-resolution cup, bow and edge triggering by three different trigger zones*
  • Perfect Crash cymbal designed for the modules of Yamaha, 2Box and for the Pearl Mimic
  • As a Dual Zone Cymbal perfectly usable with modules from Roland, ATV, Alesis, EFNote and many other modules on the market
  • Very good response of Edge and Bow in Dual Zone mode
  • Quiet intrinsic noise thanks to high-quality surface
  • Interesting option to other Crash cymbals and smaller ride cymbals in the high-end range

*in combination with a compatible sound module

The Yamaha PCY155 is an ideal 3-zone Crash cymbal for you when you are using a Yamaha, 2Box or Pearl Mimic module. With its 15" size, it gives you a large playing surface for your performance. You can also use it as a small 3-zone ride cymbal. Through these two options you get the maximum benefit from this excellent playable cymbal.


  • Very good playfeel
  • Good Crash cymbal size
  • 3 trigger zones for Edge, Bow and Cup
  • Chokeable
  • Universal e-cymbal
  • Usable as a Crash and also as a ride cymbal
  • Timeless e-cymbal design
  • Quiet impact noise
  • Robust rubber coating
  • As a 2- and 3-zone cymbal perfect with all modules by Yamaha, 2Box and with the Pearl Mimic
  • As a 2-zone cymbal compatible with many other E-Drum modules on the market

Scope of delivery of the Yamaha PCY155:

  • 1 x Yamaha PCY155 Crash Cymbal 15"
  • 1 x Rotation stopper
  • 1 x Stereo trigger cable

Yamaha top class cymbal

The E-Drum Cymbal Pads PCY 135, PCY 155 and PCY 175 are the upper class of electronic cymbals by Yamaha. In sizes of 13", 15" and 17" you can integrate them as a classic crash and Crash cymbal in your E-Drum. On modules from Yamaha, 2Box and with the Pearl Mimic you can operate each of the cymbals as a 3-zone cymbal. They deliver faithful signals of your playing on Edge, Bow and Cup to these modules. As 2-zone cymbals with Edge and Bow, they are perfect for use as crash cymbals on most other modules. A 13" hi-hat rounds off the sophisticated cymbal family.

Versatile use

The size of this cymbal with 15" corresponds with the diameter of an acoustic Crash cymbal and its compactness makes it an ideal e-cymbal. As an acoustic drummer - and that's how most of us started out - this "real" size suits you to the maximum when it comes to playing technique. You can play your figures and beats just like on a conventional acoustic Crash cymbal.

3-zone crash and ride cymbal with high dynamic range on Edge, Bow and Cup

The cymbal works as a 3-zone crash and ride cymbal with Edge, Bow and Cup with all modules of Yamaha, with the modules from 2Box and the Mimic by Pearl. There it provides differentiated signals of your performance in a remarkable dynamic range.

Large 2-zone crash cymbal for all sound modules

With the above mentioned devices and almost all other modules on the market you can also play the cymbal as a 2-zone chrash. With clean trigger signals from your playing on Edge and Bow, it passes on your individual playing style true to life. Of course, you can also assign splash, china or FX signals to the e-cymbal. There are no limits to your creativity.

Natural playing feel

The cymbal of the PCY series can be played on the entire surface, on the edge and on the cup and you can choke it with your hand. The cymbal responds sensitively to your hits and strokes and its attack dynamics are breathtakingly real. The cup and bow respond palpably direct when played with the tip of the stick, while the stroke of the cymbal's edge with the shaft of the stick makes the cymbal dive away like a real cymbal. The rotation stopper keeps the e-cymbal's alignment always at the ideal strike angle for your playing.

Technical specifications:

  • Size: 15"
  • Color: Black-grey
  • Trigger input: 1 x 6.3 mm jack socket
Type: Crash
Trigger zones: Triple Zone
Size in inch: 15

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Customer reviews
29 Dec 2020

Great Cymbals - work really well and much better value than Roland or ATV

I use a Roland Module (TD-50) and wanted to have more acoustic sized crashes than the Roland CY12RC and CY13C I had ... to go along with the CY18DR ride (as it made them look like splashes!). I looked at CY14C(T), CY15R(T) and CY16R(T) and ATV Artist 14" and 16" options, but in the end I bought two PCY155s as crashes.

And I am really glad I did. They trigger great (bow and edge) and the choke worked straight away on the CY15R settings (just a few adjustments on sensitivity and rim). They swing relatively realistically.

They look good - I like the fake hammering on the bow lathing on the edge. My only negative is the anti-spin being visible - but with a cympad "felt" and a wing nut they are less intrusive and the gray plastic around the centre hole stands out.

Much cheaper than Roland and ATV ... and really good!

24 Jun 2019

Für den Preis Top.

Das Becken funktioniert an meinem 2 Box drumit three Modul tadellos. Alle 3 Zonen + Choke funktionieren wie man es sich wünscht. Leider nicht mehr wenn ich es mit dem PC an Superior Drummer 2 anknöpfe, denn da macht der choke Modus Probleme. Beim zu starken zuschlagen auf die edge reagiert dieser nämlich. 2 box selbst scheint das Problem mit einem internen X-talk gelöst zu haben, so dass der choke beim bespielen der edge nicht greift, zumal aber angezeigt wird, dass dieser ein choke Befehl abgibt. Superior Drummer kann damit nicht umgehen. Für mich in einer Studio Situation demnach leider nicht zu gebrauchen. Für 125€ wäre dies leider auch zu viel erwartet gewesen.

Weil die Nutzung für mich deswegen hinfällig ist, oder zumindest unnötig konkurriert geworden ist, gibt es von mir nur 7 von 10 Sternen.

23 Sep 2014

Läuft super am Roland Modul und für diesen Preis war das eine gute Wahl - Daraufhin habe ich mir nun gleich einen ganzen Yamaha Satz zugelegt (100/135 und das grosse Ride)für einen Gesamtpreis eines einzigen Roland Cymbals. Nur riechen die Becken etwas chemisch am Anfang - kann man aber abwischen - deswegen 1 Punkt Abzug.

16 Aug 2010

Klasse Becken mit hervorragenden Eigenschaften in Sachen Gewicht und Anschlagsdynamik. Wird bei mir in Verbindung mit einem Roland TD 12 Modul genutzt und war ohne Nachjustierungen am Gerät direkt und einwandfrei zu verwenden. Ideale Alternative zu den teuren Roland Cymbals! Drum Tec hat zudem, wie gewohnt, für die unschlagbar kurze Lieferzeit und beste Zufriedenheit gesorgt.

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